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Set up Sub-Districts

Use the Sub-District Configuration page only if your organization runs a single version of PowerSchool with multiple districts. Create one sub-district record for each LEA on your server.

State Information

District Setup > California Sub-District Information: State Information

Data Element



District NCES ID

Enter the district NCES identification number.



Website Address (URL)

Enter the district’s public website address.

[Prefs]Value where


School Natural ID Override

Enter the Sub-District number,

If this field is populated, this Sub-District number is used for generating the “School Natural ID“ so that the expected ID can be sent for the API connection when the given regular sub-district number fails.


Enable Sub-District Configuration

Prior to creating sub-districts, sub-district functionality must be enabled.


District Setup > California Sub-District Information: Enable Sub-District Configuration

This link is only available if you have not enabled sub-district functionality. Once sub-districts are enabled, the Sub-District Configuration link will be available.

Data Element



Enable Sub-District Configuration

Select to turn on sub-district functionality.


Configure Sub-Districts

Create one sub-district record for each LEA on your server.


District Setup > California Sub-District Information: Sub-District Configuration > New Sub-District

District Setup > California Sub-District Information: Sub-District Configuration > Edit

This page is only available if you have enabled sub-district functionality.

Data Element



Sub-District Number

Enter the sub-district number.


Sub-District Name

Enter the sub-district name.



Enter an abbreviation to identify this sub-district.



Select the schools assigned to the sub-district.


Electronic Reporting Communication Setup

Use Electronic Reporting Communication Setup to enter the state-issued user name and secret key for access to the Electronic Student Score Reports for the sub-district. State-issued credentials must be updated at least once every 90 days to maintain access to the reports. For further information, see

Electronic Reporting requests for students enrolled in schools assigned to sub-districts use the student's current school of enrollment and the sub-district school assignment to determine the appropriate credentials.

Data Element


User Name

Enter the User Name provided by the state.

Client Authentication Credentials

Enter the Secret Key provided by the state.

New-Hire Forecast

Use New-Hire Forecast Setup to enter your new hire forecast value for the sub-district.

Data Element


Number of Estimated New Hires

Enter the number of estimated new hires for each subject area.

PowerSchool recommends that you test the connection prior to saving changes to the user name and secret key.

Civil Rights Data Collection

Sub-District CRDC Setup

Use Sub-District CRDC setup to specify data for each sub-district.

Data Element


Sub-District CRDC setup

Select the sub-district for which you want to enter data.

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