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Get Started With SIS Compliance

Basic setup for California

The complete setup reference

Setup Level

Link (Specifics and How-To)



Define School Years & Terms



Enter District Info

Enter necessary info about your district, at the bottom of the page, all the state-specific data should be filled out.


Transitional KG Setup

Districts should decide an unused grade level that is less than 0 and set it as TK. All the state reports will consider this grade as TK.


Set up District Courses

The district courses can be referenced at the school level later when the individual schools are working.


Set up Truancy Reporting



Enter the Emergency Closure School Day Type

Used in State Reports


Verify Incident Management Setup

Make Sure all the codes are state reportable Behavior and action codes are set up and available. User for Discipline Reports


Define Districts of Residence



Add Enrollment Entry Codes



Add Enrollment Exit Codes



Define Federal Ethnicity and Race Codes



Add Special Programs



Create Citizenship Codes for Grading



Health: Set up Immunizations, Screenings, and Certifications



Create GPA Calculation Methods

GPA Calculation methods specific to your school district


How to Add a California School

Add all the schools in your district


Set up Sub-Districts

If your district has sub district, define them and add the schools into these subdistricts





Set Up School Years and Terms

These dates may or may not be different from districts


Configure the School Calendar

School level Calendar, holidays, staff only days, etc. Pertaining to state recognizable codes


Configure School Attendance

Set up Attendance codes, FTEs, Exclusions Specific to your school. This affects many state reports.


Set Up Attendance Tracking



Set Attendance Backfill Preferences



Specify School Attendance Preferences



Create Course Sections



Create Bell Schedules

Create Bell Schedules based on the created sections


Create Segments for Non-Monthly Reports

If you do not want the reporting segments to be automatically created by the system, you can set it up here. These segments will be used by attendance and other reports.


Define Winter Break Exclusion Weeks



Define Course Sets for Graduation

Grad requirements and associated course groups set up on your school




Staff Setup

Staff Demographics



CALPADS Staff Demographics

CALPADS specific fields to be populated for Staff


CALPADS Staff Assignment

Staff Assignments must be set up for either each school, or the district, to which the staff member is assigned.


Staff Assignments are required for the following Staff Job Classifications: (12) Teachers, (10) Administrators, (11) Pupil services, (25) Non-certificated Administrator, (26) Charter School Non-certificated Teacher, (27) Itinerant or Pull-Out/Push-In Teacher.


CALPADS ORA Classified and Bilingual Paraprofessional Setup

Data is used for CALPADS ORA Staff reports


CBEDS Staff Assignment

Used for CBEDS reports


California PAIF Setup






New Student Enrollment (State Fields)

Add all the state reportable fields for a student while enrolling


Student Demographics

Add the state required fields for student after enrolling


Student's Parent Info



Student Contact Info



Guardian Information (State Specifc Page)

Add info only if you are NOT using the state fields.


Guardian Info (FROM CONTACTS)

If contacts are being used for reporting guardian, set the "guardian" flag for contacts identified as guardians, out of all the contacts


ELA and Immigration Info



CALPADS ELA Status and History Information



Student's Program Eligibility Information

Add CASEMIS, SERVICES or Lunch Program Eligibility Info


Concurrent Enrollment Setup

Add info about concurrent enrollments of this student


Student Waivers Information



Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathway Information



UC/CSU Graduation Requirements

Add information pertaining to the Graduation Requirements of University of California/ California State University specific requirements


Pre-ID Exam Information



Student Fitness Test Information



Student With Disability



CSIS Information



Student Health Info

Add medical/health info regarding emergency and other


Historical Grades State Fields Setup



Student Test Results



New Student Enrollment (State Fields)


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