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Configure the School Calendar

Use Calendar Setup to view, edit, or set up your school's calendar for the current academic year. At the top of the page, the system displays the month you are currently viewing and the six months before and after it. While your school calendar displays information regarding when school is in session for users, the system uses the calendar and the prerequisites you define to calculate the ADA/ADM statistics that you report to the state.

Before the start of a school year, define each field for each date in that year. During the school year, you can update your school's calendar.

Note: For the Update Mobility Script to function as expected, the school calendar and terms must be set up for each year in which students have enrollments. For example, if school enrollments for students exist from the year 2014, but your Years & Terms start with 2017, then you must set up a year term for 2014, 2015, and 2016 . After the year terms are set up, the calendar must be configured for each of these years, with bell schedules, cycle days, membership value and in session status.


The following must be defined before you set up your school calendar:

Set up School Years and Terms

Configure School Attendance

Create Bell Schedules

Calendar Setup


School Setup > Calendaring: Calendar Setup

Data ElementDescription[Table]FieldNameUsed in these Reports


The date is view-only on this page. The days included in the calendar are determined by the start date and end date of current school year.


Att & Member


Update Mobility Script

Cycle Day

Choose the appropriate cycle day from the pop-up menu.

Note: Do not select a cycle day for Emergency Closure days.


Att & Member


Update Mobility Script

Bell Schedule

Choose the appropriate bell schedule from the pop-up menu.

Note: Do not select a bell schedule for Emergency Closure days.


Att & Member


Update Mobility Script

School In-session

Select the checkbox to count the calendar day in attendance calculation.

Note: Deselect the checkbox for Emergency Closure days.


Att & Member


Update Mobility Script

Membership Value Value

Enter the membership value for the calendar day to use when calculating membership.

The value is normally 1 for each day. The value is 0 for Emergency Closure days.


Att & Member


Update Mobility Script

Tracks In-Session

Select the appropriate tracks.

Note: Do not select a track for Emergency Closure days.







Att Reports that include Tracks

Att Sum by Grade-IS

Update Mobility Script


Choose the appropriate calendar membership type from the pop-up menu.

Choose Emergency Closure for days on which an emergency closure was necessary.

Note: California schools receive credit from the CDE for students who are enrolled during emergency closure days. Schools are required to provide an audit trail for these students. California attendance reports have been modified to display “EC” for the emergency closures.


Att Reports


Enter a note to describe the calendar day.


Not Required

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