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School Setup

To perform school setup tasks:

  1. On the Start Page, click the School link and choose a school.
  2. Under Setup, click School
  3. Navigate to the appropriate setup section.

School Setup Tasks

Setting up a school in PowerSchool for California involves the following tasks:


Navigation from the School Setup Page 

Section Heading Name: Link Name

Attendance: Attendance Code Code Categories + Attendance Codes + Attendance Conversions + Full-Time Equivalencies (FTE)
Set Up Attendance TrackingAttendance: Attendance Tracking and Notification
Set Attendance Backfill PreferencesAttendance: Backfill Preferences
Specify School Attendance PreferencesAttendance: Preferences
Set Up School Years and TermsScheduling: Years & Terms
Create Bell SchedulesCalendaring: Bell Schedules
Configure the School CalendarCalendaring: Calendar Setup
Create Segments for Non-Monthly ReportsCalendaring: Reporting Segments
Define Winter Break Exclusion WeeksCalendaring: Winter Break Exclusion
Define Course Sets for GraduationScheduling: Course Groups + Graduation Sets
Create Course SectionsScheduling: Sections

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