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Specify School Attendance Preferences

Specify California-specific attendance preferences such as recording methods, Saturday and Sunday attendance views, and interval duration. These preferences are school- and year-specific.

For further information about attendance preferences, see Help > System Help > Attendance Preferences


School Setup > Attendance: Preferences

Attendance Preferences

Data ElementDescription[Table]FieldNameUsed in these Reports

Attendance Recording Methods

To assign one or more attendance recording methods for this school, select the appropriate checkboxes.

For AEP reporting (Continuing Education), select the Interval checkbox.

Note: For CALPADS attendance reporting purposes, schools that enable both Meeting and Daily Attendance modes should keep the meeting and daily attendance in sync by either setting the attendance bridge to 'two-way' or by manually updating the meeting attendance to match daily attendance records




Att Reports


Audit Attendance RecordsSelect to enable auditing of attendance. After an attendance record is initially created, PowerSchool keeps track of any change, including the previous value and who made the change.
Required Setup for Electronic Att Aud

Number of school days teachers may alter attendance after the current date (PowerTeacher)

Enter Current Date Only. This ensures the Electronic Attendance requirement that “initial attendance is entered on the calendar day of the school day for which the attendance is a record thereof,” is met.


Required Setup for Electronic Att Aud

Show Saturday and Sunday on attendance views

Certain attendance reports allow the reporting of data on Saturday and Sunday. if attendance is taken on Saturday and/or Sunday, select this option.


CDS Att Aud

Interval Duration (in Minutes)

Enter 60. California requires that intervals equal 60 minutes.

Note: For schools using Interval attendance, all bell schedule periods should be set up in increments of 60 minutes.



AEP (Except ROCP)

Count these codes for period conversion

To count present or absent codes for period-to-day attendance conversions, choose Absences or Presents from the pop-up menu



Att Reports except

Weekly Att (M)

Weekly Att (D)

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