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Student Setup

  1. On the Start Page, select the School link. A pop-up menu of schools appears.

  2. Choose a School from the pop-up menu. The school's Start Page appears.

  3. Select the first letter of the student's last name.

  4. Select a student from the List. The last accessed student information page opens for the student selected.

Note: The following pages are available via the links in the left window. Information on these pages is part of general student setup.

Data Element




Under Academics: Attendance


Verify that attendance data is entered for the student.


Att Reports


Under Academics: Graduation Progress

Graduation Requirement Set

Choose the graduation set to associate with the student.

Note: The CA Transcript report can be run using the graduation set associated with each student. This field is not mandatory.



Under Administration: Lunch

Lunch Status

Choose the lunch status from the pop-up menu.

See the Appendix for valid values.



Direct Certification Method

If applicable, choose the method by which the student was directly certified for free and reduced lunch.

 See the Appendix for valid values.



CALPADS Information

All lunch program information is entered on the CALPADS Lunch Program Eligibility page.

Click the Lunch Program Eligibility link to access the CALPADS Lunch Program Eligibility page.



Under Administration: Incidents

CALPADS Information

Discipline Incidents that involve the selected student can be viewed on this page.

Note: It is recommended that you create discipline incidents at the school or district level. See Discipline Incidents Setup for more information.


Stu Discipline




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