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Work-Based Learning Validations

Work-Based Learning validations verify that data for specific fields used in the Work-Based Learning extract is populated correctly based on CALPADS rules.

For information on Work-Based Learning validations, see Work-Based Learning Extract

Error Message



State Course Code - Embedded Work-Based Learning code (CA 34) is invalid.

Academic Year: 2020-2021

Enter a valid state code for Work-Based Learning.[S_CA_STU_WBLR_C]WBLTypeCode
Reporting LEA - The maximum length is 7.Enter the Reporting LEA code.



School of Attendance

1)    If School of Attendance NPS is populated,
Then School of Attendance must equal 0000001

2)    If School of Attendance is populated, then the school must be a valid code in CDS and have an active CALPADS reporting relationship with the Reporting LEA.

Enter the code for the school that delivers a majority of educational instruction and services for the student.



[Students]SchoolID = [Schools]School_Number

[ReEnrollments]SchoolID = [Schools]School_Number

School of Attendance NPS

If School of Attendance = 0000001
Then Y;
Else N

Enter the school code for the certified non-public non-sectarian school the student attends.



[S_CA_STU_ConcurrentEnroll_C] NPS_CDS_SchoolCode

Academic Year ID

Academic Year ID must be a valid academic school year combination and no more than one year in the future.

Enter the Academic Year ID



The report extracts the last four digits from the dates stored in both the FirstDay and LastDay fields.

SSID - The maximum length is 10. 

Enter the student's SSID.[Students]State_StudentNumber
Work-Based Learning Type Code - The student must be in the 9-12 Grade levels.Enter the Work-Based Learning Type Code[S_CA_STU_WBLR_C]WBLTypeCode
Internship ID - This must be left blank If the Work-Based Learning Type Code not equal to 10.Enter the Internship ID[S_CA_STU_WBLR_C]

Work-based Learning Hours - External

If Work-based Learning Type Code = 10, 15, or 20

Then Yes;

Else No

Enter the Work-based Learning duration in hours.[S_CA_STU_WBLR_C]WBLHoursExternal

State Course Code -Embedded Work-based Learning - Must be a valid State Course code.

If Work-based Learning Type Code = 15 or 20          

Then Yes;

Else No

Enter the State Course Code[S_CA_STU_WBLR_C]Courses

Internship -Employer Performance Evaluation Code

If Work-based Learning Type Code <> 10, then the value must be blank.

Enter the Internship Employer Performance Evaluation[S_CA_STU_WBLR_C] InternshipEPEC

Internship -LEA Sponsored Indicator

If Work-based Learning Type Code <> 10, then the value must be blank.

Enter the LEA Sponsored Indicator[S_CA_STU_WBLR_C] LEASpInd

Internship –Certificated Supervisor Indicator

If Work-based Learning Type Code <> 10, then the value must be blank.

Enter the Certificated Supervisor Indicator[S_CA_STU_WBLR_C] InternshipCSI
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