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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-284065CALPADS - SSID Enrollment Records: Updated validation for new Exit Reason Codes added for 21-22

Report Name: SSID Student Enrollment Records - Logic updates

Report Version: 7.6

Additional Reference: PSSR-289130

The following Exit Reason Codes will no longer generate a validation error when the report is run with Bypass Validation set to ‘No’:

  • E156 - Grade 12 Cont Education
  • T168 - Alt or Ind Study Schl Discharge

The report will now contains the expected number of columns (34) for each record.

PSSR-267799CALPADS SSID Enrollment Records report (SENR/SSID)

Report Name: SSID Student Enrollment Records

Report Version: 7.6

For security purposes, the following report parameter is no longer available:

  • Execute Custom SQL After Selection’
PSSR-280881Gains and carry forward logic not working as expected in CA - Monthly Student Attendance Extract

Gain and carry forward logic is working as expected for students whose entry and exit dates are between the selected reporting period.

PSSR-285043Monthly Student Attendance Report - Incorrect reporting for students who exit their school or grade level between reporting periods

Report: Monthly Student Attendance Report

Version: 1.5

Students who exit a school or grade level in between reporting periods will be reported as a loss in the first reporting period after their exit date.

PSSR-267882Student Career and Technical Education (CTE) Records Report - Record selection is incorrect

Report: Student Career and Technical Education (CTE) Records Report

Version: 2.3

The report logic is updated to generate records for students who are marked as a CTE Completer.

PSSR-285760 Student Program Records Report - Validation error for students with program code 191

Report: Student Program Records Report (SPRG)

Version: 5.3

The following validation error will no longer be generated for students with an active 191 program record:

  • Runaway Youth Indicator cannot be blank if Education Program Code is 191.
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