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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-281819All States/Provinces: New Office Visit Details Report

Office Visit Details: Version 1.0

A new Office Visit Details report is now available on the System Reports tab and can be run for a specific school and for a specific time frame based on user defined Start and End Date parameters.

The report can be run to include any (or all) of the various data groupings (listed below) within an Office Visit record.

Visit Details

This data grouping displays:

  •   Visit Reason
  •   Vital Signs
  •   Accident Info
  •   Assessment
  •   Outcome & Actions
  •  Change Reason

The report can also be configured to return Office Visit data by student or by date.

Note: At this time, the report will return the results in an HTML format but a PDF output option is being developed and will be released in a future release.

PSSR-289731Attendance Summary By Grade Report: Multiple Fixes

Attendance Summary By Grade: Version 1.5

Additional Reference: PSSR-286886, PSSR-292784

The report is modified as follows:

  1. The report will return the expected results when running by District of Residence.
  2. The report will return the expected results when run with 1 or more Special Programs selected.
  3. The report will not longer fail with an ORA-20001 error.
  4. The misspelling in the file name is corrected.
  5. An extra check box displaying below the “display audit table” option is removed.
PSSR-291580CRDC: Updates to Incident Management for Harassment and Bullying

The following behavior codes have been updated to include harassment and bullying sub-codes as needed for CRDC reporting. As part of a future update to CALPADS Incident reports, these sub-codes will be aggregated at the parent level for the related behavior code.

  • (506) Harassment/Intimidation^
  • (513) Bullying^

Sub-codes added:

Race (c)^
Ethnic Group (d)^
National Origin (e)^
Color (f)^
Religion (g)^
Religious Practices (h)^
Disability ( i )^
Gender (j)^
Sexual Orientation (k)^
Sex (l)^
Weight (m)^
Other ( n )^

Second level sub-codes added under Religion(g):

Eastern Orthodox (Russian, Greek, Other)
Islamic (Muslim)
Jehovah’s Witness
Jewish (Judaism)
Mormon (Latter-day Saint)
Multiple Religions, Group
Other Christian
Other Religions

NOTE: Follow the instructions posted here to make these new codes available to users: :

PSSR-287588CALPADS: Staff Demographics Records Report - update to consider Legal Gender field

Staff Demographics Records Report: Version 3.9

The extract has been updated to extract the gender for a staff member from the Legal GenderField, if populated. If the Legal Gender field is null, the gender value will be extracted from the staff gender field.

PSSR-291582CALPADS: Updates to Incident Reports to exclude behaviors with the Allegations flag set (used for CRDC)

The following report s are updated excludes any behavior where the allegation flag has been selected.

  • Student Incident Records (SINC): Version 2.0
  • Student Incident Results Records (SIRS): Version 1.9
  • Student Offense Records (SOFF): Version 1.9

Incidents where all behaviors are marked as allegations will only be displayed in the following report:

  • Student Incident Records (SINC) Report Exceptions - Records Missing
PSSR-267800CALPADS Student Information Extract (SINF) 

Student Information Records Report: Version 6.0

For security purposes, the following report parameter is no longer available:

  • Execute Custom SQL After Selection
PSSR-286570Monthly Student Attendance Report: Winter Break Exclusion Weeks Are Not Honored When Calculating Reporting Segments

Monthly Student Attendance Report: Version 1.6

Additional reference: PSSR-290564

The Monthly Student Attendance report is updated to consider the winter break exclusion weeks when calculating reporting segments.

The Monthly Student Attendance report is updated to include all students who were actively enrolled at any point during the selected reporting period, regardless of their current enrollment status.

PSSR-282934UC Direct Electronic Transfer Report: Blank Results

UC Direct Electronic Transfer Report: Version 2.6

The report is updated to return results for all students who have the required data elements populated.

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