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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-249605CA Teachers Portal - Student Score Reports (Assessments) Page Update

The Student Score Reports (Assessments) page in the Teacher Portal, now successfully uploads in PowerSchool 20.4 and higher versions.

PSSR-242646CALPADS - Updated Options for a Student's Primary Residence

The options for a student's Primary Residence field is updated to match the current list of valid values, as published by the state.

PSSR-243885CALPADS Reporting for Student with Disabilities: Fall 1

PowerSchool SIS customers who have installed and enabled the PowerSchool Special Programs plug-in now have the ability to upload the following Fall 1 submissions for Students with Disabilities over a new CALPADS API. This plugin is only available to districts who have purchased the required PowerSchool Special Programs software module, which is fully integrated with PowerSchool SIS:

  • Student Special Education Program (SPED)
  • Student Services (SSRV)
PSSR-244553Display Issue for Gender Options on the Student Demographics Page

The Student Demographics page is updated to display Gender options properly in all cases.

PSSR-246586Enhanced Verification Lines for Weekly Attendance Summary Reports

Weekly Attendance Summary (Meeting): Version 2.5
Weekly Attendance Summary (Daily): Version 2.6

The report parameter to include a verification line on each page is updated to have three options. The first is to display nothing. The second is to display a standard message, which is updated to conform to Senate Bill 98 requirements. The third allows the user to specify their own custom verification message. In the latter two cases, each page of the output now displays three blanks to fill in: printed name, signature, and date.

PSSR-235967Middle School Core Setting Indicator Relabeled on Course and Section Pages

The course and section-level field formerly known as "Middle School Core Course Indicator," reported in CALPADS Course Section (SCSC, SCSE) as field 9.34, is relabeled as "Middle School Core Setting Indicator."

PSSR-236046Update to Special Education Exit Reason Code Set

The code set for Special Education Exit Reason, displayed when creating or editing a CALPADS 144 program record, is updated to match the state's current list. Codes that are deprecated as of the currently selected school year are visible in the dropdown but disabled and sorted to the bottom, unless the record being edited already has that value stored.

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