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Primary Teacher Validation - Obsolete


Important: This report is obsolete as of 18.11.0

Use the Primary Teacher Validation to check for errors that may occur when migrating TEACHERS information to the USERS table. The extract enables you to check that the 'CA_PrimarySchool' is properly marked as NULL (in the case of only one record instance) or 'Y' (in the case of one or more record instances). The report checks for the following issues:

  • Users with only one TEACHERS record explicitly marked as Not Primary.

  • Users with multiple TEACHERS records explicitly marked as Not Primary.

  • Users with multiple TEACHERS records and none of them are marked Primary (that is, they are marked either as Not Primary or NULL).

  • Users with multiple TEACHERS records and two or more of them are marked Primary.

There are no report parameters required for this report. Click Submit to run the report.

Report Output

Each of the fields displayed in the output of the report are described below. See Understanding the Report Output Table for a definition of each column in the table.

Report Output Format: The report output formats for this report are comma delimited and PDF.

Data Element




The ID from the Users table.


Tch Num

The staff member's ID number.



The staff member's name (Last, First, MI)




The school where the staff member works.




The report outputs Y or N based on the teacher's primary school status. If no primary school status has been explicitly marked, the report outputs NULL.



Indicates if the homeschoolid and schoolid field match. The report outputs an "X" if they match and a blank if they do not.



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