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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-300225All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning Preferences - API Updates

Validations to allow alphanumeric characters are added for all Digital Equity and Learning Preference fields, enabling the values inserted via API be visible in the Digital Equity and Learning Preferences UI.

PSSR-303418CA - Monthly Student Attendance Report - Updates

Monthly Student Attendance: Version 1.9

The report is rectified to calculate the carry forward count accurately when running for the first reporting period.

PSSR-302997CALPADS - SSID Enrollment Records (SENR) - Update

SSID Enrollment Records: Version 8.2

The SSID Enrollment Records report has been updated to split out multiple Add/Update transactions for a student into different files. The records are distributed in chronological order, and the names of the resulting files are appended with a number to indicate the recommended upload order. Ex: AU_1, AU_2.

PSSR-305620Career and Technical Education (CTE) Page Fix

The pathway code field has been fixed to show the appropriate dropdown values.

PSSR-300372Class Attendance Audit – Blank For The Last/First Week Of School Year

The reporting logic is updated to ensure that accurate results are reported in cases where reporting periods may overlap across school years.

PSSR-302912Monthly Student Attendance Generates an Error When the Selected PowerSchool Term is Not the Full Year.

Monthly Student Attendance Report: Version 1.9

The reporting logic is updated to provide accurate results regardless of the term length selected at the top of the page.

PSSR-301391Student Absenteeism Report - Logic updates

Student Absenteeism Report: Version: 3.1

Additional reference: PSSR-303489 

The reporting logic is updated as outlined below:

  • The report will no longer fail when a value is selected for the Enrollment Status report parameter.
  • The report will honor all report parameters selected, including the ability to filter the results by Student Gender.
  • The report results will be sorted by: Student Name (Last, First), Enrollment Start Date, and Enrollment Status.
PSSR-303489Student Absenteeism Report Updates

Student Absenteeism Report: Version 3.1

The report has been updated to run without any error for any given selected "Enrollment Status" parameter. It has been updated to honor the gender filter as an input parameter. The sort order has been updated to be based on the Student name, Enrollment start date, and Enrollment status code in decreasing order of priority.

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