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CALPADS Staff Assignments Table

For general information about Virtual Tables, such as how to view Virtual Table records, see Virtual Tables.

Virtual table name: CALPADS_StaffAssignments

Data Element

Importing: [Table]Field

DDE: [Table]Field

Required for Import

Start Date


[VirtualTablesData2]user_defined_date (also seen as EffectiveDate)


End Date


[VirtualTablesData2]user_defined_date2 (also seen as EndDate)

Yes, if the assignment has ended.

Job Classification Code


[VirtualTablesData2]user_defined_text2 (also seen as Cert_Class_Desig)


Job Classification FTE Percentage


[VirtualTablesData2]user_defined_numeric (also seen as FTE)


Non Classroom Based Job Assignment 1

Non Classroom Based Job Assignment 2

etc. (1 through 7)



etc. (1 through 7)



etc. (1 through 7)

Yes, if the Job Classification Code is 0000001.

School ID




Staff ID

Note: The staff member's internal ID is stored in [Teachers]ID.




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