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Checklist for TK Prior to End of Year Process

Planning and Preparation

  1. Decide at the district level what grade level will be designated as TK for 2023-2024.

    1. Determine whether any additional grade-level designations will need to be adjusted due to this change.

  2. Expand the grade level range for schools where appropriate.

    1. Go to District Office, Schools / School Info, and Select School:

      1. Adjust the values for High/Low grades as needed.

      2. Adjust the ‘low grade’ to include the grade level designated for use as TK (ex: -5)

  3. Update the registration process for TK students and students in any other grade level designation that may be shifting.

  4. Review and update any product integrations that are linked to grade-level data. (e.g.: SEIS, SIRAS, Performance Matters, Enrollment Express).

  5. Communicate the above changes to all impacted district staff.

  6. Plan to install all critical state reporting updates as they become available.

Prior to Closing the 22-23 School Year

Perform the following steps before completing the PowerSchool End of Year (EOY) process:

  1. End-date all TK program enrollments for the 22-23 school year.

    1. CALPADS will be ending these program records for you on the ODS side, so this step is for local purposes only.

  2. Populate the ‘Scheduling Next Grade Level’ field in preparation for the End of Year process:

    1. Create a selection of students (by grade level, etc.).

    2. Function: Student Field Value

    3. Field: Sched_NextYearGrade

    4. Mass update this field using the 23-24 numeric grade level value for these students (EX: -1)

    5. Repeat for other grade levels as needed.

    6. Handle any unusual scenarios as required, such as those listed below:

      1. Current Preschool students who are enrolled in a grade level of -1 and continuing to TK should have their Next Grade field set to the numeric value that represents the grade level designated as TK for the 23-24 school year. (EX: -1).

      2. Current TK students who are enrolled in kindergarten and are continuing to their 2nd year of kindergarten curriculum will remain in grade level 0 for 23-24

      3. Students who remain in the same grade level for 23-24 because of changes to your grade level designations will display as ‘retained’ in the EOY summary that displayed after the process has completed.

      4. Other special scenarios may apply at your district depending on how students are progressing through the grade levels.

July 2023 Or Later

After completing the steps outlined below, the district can proceed with state and attendance reporting for the 23-24 school year.

  1. Complete EOY processes.

  2. Update to PS version to 23.1.0 or higher.

  3. Update to the latest CA SR version.

  4. Define the LTK mapping for each grade level designation as needed:

    1. Go to Start Page, System Administrator, Page and Data Management, Localize PowerSchool, Data tab, Grade Levels, View.

    2. Define translated values as appropriate, using CALPADS grade level codes.

    3. The grade level value will continue to be stored as a numeric value (0, -1, -2, etc.) in the database.

  5. Enable the LTK Grade Level Mapping preference.

    1. Go to Start Page, District Setup, District Information and locate the Enable/Disable Grade Level LTK Mapping flag.

    2. Select the Enable/Disable Grade Level LTK Mapping checkbox to enable the use of grade level values mapped using LTK

    3. Deselect the checkbox to disable the use of grade level values mapped using LTK

    4. [Prefs]Name = EnableSRLTK

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