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Tracking CALPADS Submission Updates

Extracts using Transaction or Effective Date processing require that PowerSchool track data previously submitted to CALPADS. To track updates, CALPADS extract results can be saved as a snapshot of CALPADS data. The snapshot data is compared with extract results the next time the extract is run using Submission or Replacement Submission report mode.

Note: When editing data in PowerSchool, updates are automatically stored in the appropriate field in the PowerSchool database. You can edit, import and export data as often as needed without causing an issue. PowerSchool does not track incremental updates; only the most recent updates are detected when the extract is run. It is recommended that extracts be run regularly, to track all updates.

To save data to the CALPADS Submission History table:

  1. Run a CALPADS extract using the Submission or Replacement Submission report mode.
  2. Click View in the report queue to view extract results. One of the following pages appears:
    • If updated records were found, the Update CALPADS Submission History Report page appears. In this case, continue to step 3.
    • If updated records were not found, the No records found page appears. In this case, run the extract using Non-Submission mode to troubleshoot your data.
  3. Click the link Click to Download Result File. A zipped file is downloaded to your local machine.
  4. Unzip the file and open it with a text editor.
  5. Correct any invalid data and run the extract as many times as required until you are satisfied with the results.
  6. Submit the extract to CALPADS.
  7. Once the file is accepted by CALPADS, click Submit on the Update CALPADS Submission History Report page to save the extract values in the CALPADS Submission History table as a snapshot of data in the PowerSchool database.


    • If the Extract results are saved to the CALPADS Submission History table, the results must be submitted to CALPADS, even if the data is incorrect. If necessary, correct the data after submitting the file, then rerun the extract, save the results and submit the updated file to CALPADS.
    • PowerSchool cannot save more than one snapshot at a time. Once you click Submit, the previous snapshot values are overwritten.

8. In the report queue, click View next to the result file titled "Update CALPADS Submission Hist". A page appears with either a successful message or an error message.

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