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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-251337Ability to Track CALPADS Programs at the Sub-District Level

If the sub-district functionality has been enabled and the School of Attendance for a selected Program record is set to 'District Office', a value for the new "Sub-District of Assignment" field is required.

PSSR-246207California Special Functions - "Make These Students the Current Selection" Fail to Work When the New Experience is Enabled

California Special Functions HTML pages are working now while New Experience is enabled and the user is using "Make These Students the Current Selection" for student selections.

PSSR-242335CALPADS - Postsecondary Status Extract - Report Logic Changes for 2020-2021

Report Name: CALPADS PostSecondary Status
Report Version: 1.5

1. The report has been updated to extract values for the following new fields:

  • Educational Institution Type
  • Industry Field
  • Post-High School Credential

2. The report has been updated to extract one record for each post-secondary status value selected as part State/Province - CA > CA Graduation and UC/CSU Info page.

3. The following validations have been added or updated:
Educational Institution Type (Required if Postsecondary Status Code is 200, 210, 220, 300, 310, 320, 330, 340, 350, 360, 370)
Message : Educational Institution Type can not be blank if Post2ndProgram is : Value of POST2NDPROGRAM
Industry Field (Required if Postsecondary Status Code is 200, 210, 220, 300, 310, 320, 330, 340, 350, 360, 370, 910, 920, 930 )
Message : Industry Field can not be blank if Post2ndProgram is : Value of POST2NDPROGRAM

PSSR-236835CALPADS PostSecondary Status (PSTS) Extract - Enable Sub-District Functionality

Report Name: CALPADS PostSecondary Status
Report Version: 1.5
The report is updated to support Sub-District functionality.

PSSR-236837CALPADS Staff Assignment Extract - Implement Sub-District Functionality

Report Name: CALPADS Staff Assignment Extract
Report Version: 3.5
The report is updated to support Sub-District functionality for CALPADS submissions.

PSSR-231277CALPADS Staff Demographics Records Date Options Display Inconsistently

Report name: CALPADS Staff Demographics
Report Version: 3.7

The report is updated to ensure that the report options display consistently so that all records contain the expected value for the Effective Date field.

PSSR-249559Daily Participation and Weekly Engagement Updated to Use Dated Distance Learning Values

Since the course and section-level values for Distance Learning and Online Instruction Type should not be changed after census day for the purpose of CALPADS reporting, child tables were recently introduced to track changes over time so that the Daily Participation and Weekly Engagement form can render accurately for any week of the year.

The form now considers these child records as follows. For any given day displayed on the form, the determination of whether the section was in-person, remote synchronous, or remote asynchronous is defined, in order of precedence, as

  • If there exist any section-level child records (S_CA_SEC_DistanceLearning_C) with an effective date on or before the day being rendered, the most recent set of values is used.
  • If no section-level child records exist, but course-level child records exist (S_CA_CRS_DistanceLearning_C) with an effective date on or before the day being rendered, the most recent set of values is used.
  • If neither section nor course-level child records exist on or before the day being rendered, the form will continue to use the [S_CA_SEC_X] and [S_CA_CRS_X] values, with section continuing to take precedence.
  • Although such data is not an expected usage if more than one child record shares the most recent effective date, the one most recently created will be considered.

In form Section B, this logic affects which of the three rows under "Instructional/Assignment Delivery Method" is used. In form Section C, it affects whether or not a student receives a code of 100 based on a missing assignment.

PSSR-239106ETS / CERS - Ability to Automatically Generate and Upload Student Rosters for Assessments

To automatically generate Student Assessment Roster files and upload them to ETS, navigate to:

  • Start Page > Special Functions > Create Student Assessment Rosters in the California Special Functions section of the page.
  • Click this link to access the new Student Assessment Rosters page, containing the following sections:

Select Schools to be processed
This section displays a list of all schools in the district, 10 per page. Click Next to go to the next page in the list.

  • Select one or more schools by checking the box in the appropriate row. Alternatively, you can click the Select All button to automatically select all schools for processing/upload.
  • After marking at least one school to process, you can perform the following functions:
    • View: Click the View link to view the contents of the Roster file generated for the selected school. While in 'View' mode, you can also choose to download the file.
    • Upload: Click the Upload button to upload files for the selected school(s)

Note: The Group Name for each section is autogenerated using a concatenation of the following values:

  • School Year (first half - eg: 2020-2021 would be 2020)
  • Teacher Last Name
  • Teacher First Initial
  • Expression (special characters removed)
  • Course Number
  • Section Number
  • Course Name

Sample group name:

  • 2020.Smith.M.5A.123456.7.MathFourthGrade

Files Processed
This section displays details for each file that was processed, including the file status.

  • To request an updated status from ETS for a file in this list, select the radio button and click the 'Get Upload Status button'.
PSSR-243212Group Functions - Re-Enroll Students in School - "Keep District of Residence" Flag Not Working

District of Residence is correctly copied over as part of Group Functions - Re-Enroll Students in School functionality, as expected.

PSSR-249058New Settings to Hide Teachers' Links to Daily Participation/Weekly Engagement

New settings are introduced allowing administrators to hide the links to the Daily Participation and Weekly Engagement Form from the teacher portal's home page. This can be done for particular schools on the Edit School screen, or for the entire district via a new link on the District Information screen.

PSSR-236882NEW Student Groups/Roster Upload (ETS) functionality

Users can now automatically upload Student Roster files to ETS/TOMS by navigating to the following new page:

Special Functions > Student Assessment Rosters

This new page includes the following functionality for generating, viewing, and uploading Student Group / Roster files:

Schools to process:
Choose to Select All, or choose 1 or more individual schools for processing

Displays all sections to be uploaded for a selected school –

  • All sections where the 'CAASPP Subject Area' is one of the following values will be available for processing:
    • Math
    • ELA
    • ALL
  • All sections will be sent by default, but users can also choose to manually select 1 or more sections to process

The selected schools and sections will be uploaded

  • For each section, a complete set of records for the lead teacher as well as any additional teacher assigned to the section with one of the following roles: Co-teacher, Job-Share
  • A separate file is generated for each school and uploaded individually
  • The group name for each section is auto-generated using the following concatenated values:
    • School Year
    • Teacher Last Name
    • Teacher First Initial
    • Class Expression
    • Course Number
    • Section Number

Upload status:
View the status of any file that has been uploaded, including upload errors.

PSSR-242525NEW Work-Based Learning Records - DATA COLLECTION

You can now navigate the State/Province - CA student page and click on the new Work-Based Learning link. On the new Work-based Learning Home page, you will see a list of existing records, and an option to add New records or edit existing records.

PSSR-236830Physical Fitness Student File - Implement Sub-district functionality

Report name: Physical Fitness Student File
Report Version: 1.9
The report is updated to support Sub-District functionality for CALPADS submissions.

PSSR-248914Clock In/Clock Out Report Update

Clock In/Clock Out Report: Version: 1.1
The Clock In/Clock Out Report has been updated and will report multiple Time In and Time Out values, on a single day, if they exist.

PSSR-244300Contact Tracing Report Update - Incident Management Data Grouping

Contact Tracing Report Version: 1.3
The Contract Tracing report has been updated and can now pull data from Incident Management. When this data grouping is selected, the following points will be extracted:

  • Name
  • Student/Staff Indicator
  • Student Number
  • Grade Level
  • School Abr
  • Incident Date
  • Incident ID
  • Incident Title
  • Incident School Abr
  • Contact Name
  • Phone Number

The parameter has been brought in a single row which says "Include" and the user can check the option "Class", "Busing" and "Incident"

Note: Description has been updated for report

PSSR-243873Student Birthday List Report Update

The list of students will now be returned if the user enters a start and end date that span multiple years.

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