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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-233892CA Grade Level Override - Field Size Mismatch

To prevent the possibility of encountering Oracle errors during the End of Year process, the field length for [S_CA_REN_X]GradeLevelOverride has been increased to 3, to match the size of [S_CA_STU_X]GradeLevelOverride.

PSSR-231447CA Immunizations - HepB Compliance

CA School Immunization Records Report: Version 3.4

The following HepB compliance rules were verified with CDHP, and the Immunization page and CA School Immunization Record report logic have been updated for each of the following student groups, where appropriate:

  • 7th grade advancement: 0 doses required
  • Students with a [S_CA_STU_X]SchoolEntryDate >= 7/1/2019: 3 doses required
  • Students with a [S_CA_STU_X]SchoolEntryDate < 7/1/2019 AND grade level = K AND age = 4-6: 3 doses required
  • All other students: 0 doses required
PSSR-232648CA Teachers Portal - Student Score Reports (Assessments) Page Update

The Student Score Reports (Assessments) page in the Teacher Portal now displays the Medical Alert icon, as expected.

PSSR-225348California School Immunization Record is Cut Off When Printed

California School Immunization Record: Version 3.4
The font size is now reduced to prevent the printed report from being cut off at the bottom of the page.

PSSR-231467California Transcript - Graduation Date is not Extracted for Some Students

California Transcript Report: Version 3.6

The California Transcript Report now extracts a value for Graduation Date using the following logic:

  • For Graduated Students (grade level = 99): The value for Graduation Date is extracted using the Exit Date of student's most recent previous enrollment record ([ReEnrollments]ExitDate). If no previous enrollment record exists, the Exit Date from the student's current enrollment will be used ([Students]ExitDate)..
  • For students who have not yet graduated: Expected Grad Date will be extracted from [S_CA_STU_X]ExpectedGradDate.
PSSR-225688CALPADS - Staff Demographics - Generating Records for Staff not Associated with the selected School

Staff Demographic Records: Version 3.5
When you run the Staff Demographic Records at the school level, the report now returns records only for Staff associated with or active in the selected school.

PSSR-232008Course State Code and Course Content Area Subcode Combinations - Validation inconsistencies between data entry and report

Course Section Records - 6.4
Validation messages for State Course Code and Course Content Area Subcategory Code combinations are updated for consistency across the following:

  • Course Section Records Report
  • New/Edit Course page
  • New/Edit Section page
PSSR-232380Improvements to Data Validation on Student and Staff Pages

Numerous student and staff data entry pages were using an outdated means of validating data. In most cases, the effects were little more than benign errors in the browser console, as the failing functionality had already been superseded by more current techniques. In the course of fixing these failing validations, some pages did incur visible changes.

  • California PAIF (Staff) - The page now enforces Primary Ethnicity being a required field.
  • New/Edit Special Program Enrollment (Students) - Required selection of a program is now enforced before submission, instead of on a separate landing page. The inconsistent alternate row coloring is fixed.
  • New/Edit CALPADS Concurrent (Non-Primary) Enrollment (Students) - Date pickers are added to Enrollment Start Date and Enrollment Exit Date, to make entry easier and help ensure valid data.
  • Special Education and CASEMIS Information (Students) - Required population of Early Intervening is now enforced with a warning directly below the input, instead of a popup window.
  • New/Edit Oral Health Assessment/Waiver (Students - Legacy) - A date picker has been added to Assessment Date.
PSSR-236422Special Programs Update

In PowerSchool SIS version, a function that saves Special Programs was updated. When the latest PowerSchool SIS State/Provincial Reporting version was installed on PowerSchool SIS version 19.x and 12.x, this function gave an HTTP error and prevented users from saving the Special Programs record. This function has been updated to allow the Special Programs record to save without any error.

Note: School districts running PowerSchool SIS version will need to upgrade to the next available core PS SIS version.

PSSR-218591Staff - Name Suffix Field is Visible on the Enroll New Student Page When Access Is Set To None

The Enroll New Student page no longer displays the Name Suffix list for staff members whose page level permission is set to: NO Access.

PSSR-230206Students - Create New Enrollment page - Exit Code Validation

A validation has been added to the Functions > Create New Enrollment student page. If an Exit Date is entered on the page that is <= the system date and the Exit code is blank, an error will be generated reminding the user that the exit code must be populated.

PSSR-225450Update Output Messaging to Indicate Whether the Incident Reports (SINC, SOFF, SIRS) Report were Run using Validations

Student Incident Records (SINC): Version 1.4
Student Incident Results Records (SIRS): Version 1.4
Student Offense Records (SOFF): Version 1.4

The report output is updated to provide clarification regarding whether the report was run with the Bypass Validations parameter set to "No" or "Yes".

If the report is run with Bypass Validations set to YES, the Validation report output will contain the following message:

  • Validation checks were bypassed.

If the report is run with Bypass Validations set to YES and no validations are encountered, the Validation report will contain the following message:

  • No validation errors were encountered.
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