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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2023 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-306117All States/Provinces: Copyright Year Update

The copyright year has been updated to 2023 on all Compliance pages in the following portal pages

  • Admin portal pages
  • Teachers/Subs portal pages
  • Public/Student portal pages
PSSR-306972All States/Provinces: Digital Equity & Learning Preferences Link Accessibility

The student Digital Equity & Learning Preferences page will now be visible to users that do (and do not) have access to a student’s Functions page.

PSSR-312413CALPADS: Student Absence Summary Records (STAS) Failing for One District

Student Absence Summary Records (STAS) Version: 3.7
The reporting logic for the Student Absence Summary Records report has been updated to ensure that the report will not fail in cases where certain Prefs records are missing from the database.

PSSR-314048CALPADS: Student Information (SINF) report - New Date Parameter Validations

Student Information Records Version: 6.4

Validations have been added to the report run page to check the value entered in the ‘Census Date’, ‘Start Date’, or ‘End Date’ parameters. If the date entered does not fall within the currently selected school year, the user will be prevented from submitting the report until the date is corrected.

PSSR-281119CALPADS: Student Information Page Does Not Enforce Field Level Security for Mailing Address

The California Student Information page is updated to mask the MAILING_CITY, MAILING_STATE, MAILING_STREET, MAILING_ZIP fields when the FieldLevel Security is set to No Access.

PSSR-311543CALPADS: Student Program Records Report (SPRG): Handling of Students with Multiple Records for a SIngle Program Code

Student Program Records Report (SPRG) Version: 5.6

The reporting logic is updated to generate multiple files in cases where multiple records with the same program code are present for a single student. Individual result files will be appended with ‘AU’ and the sequential file number. EX: AU2

PSSR-301387Physical Fitness Student File Is Blank When Run in Large Batches

Physical Fitness Student File Report Version: 2.0

The report has been updated to run successfully in cases where a large number of students have been selected.

PSSR-311847'Edit Section' page.: The CAASPP Subject Area Field Does Not Display Correctly When a Value is Set at the Section LevelThe ‘Edit Section’ page will accurately display any override value set for the CAASPP Subject Area.
PSSR-313758Teacher Portal - Daily Engagement and Fitness Icons Display Under the Wrong Heading

The teacher portal ‘home’ page is updated to ensure that the ‘Daily Engagement’ icon will always be shown in the last position, displaying under the "Daily Engagement" heading. The 'Fitness' icon will display under the “Fitness” heading, as expected.

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