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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-257368All States/Provinces: Digital Equity and Learning Preference link Is Visible on Public Portal When Disabled

Digital Equity and Learning Preference public portal data entry has been updated and will no longer be visible when the district-level preference has not been enabled. Additionally, when enabled, the icon in the public portal will display on the left navigation bar as expected.

PSSR-253396AzEDS - Rooms for Excluded Sections, Courses, or Teachers Update

AzEDS publishing is updated to no longer attempt to publish Rooms for excluded Sections, Courses, or Teachers.

Note: Districts having Rooms (Locations) stuck in dependency for excluded sections, will need to run a Publish All or Changes for the "Periods and Locations" Resource after installing this release.

PSSR-254307AzEDS Student Demographics Records: Dependency for Tuitioned-Out Students Update

AzEDS Student Demographics publishing is updated to no longer hold records in dependency for tuition-out students where the school's entityID = 00000.

PSSR-256291AZEDS: Unique Id Candidate List Page Update

The student and staff identity search is updated to display additional columns of returned data when displaying a candidate list. For students, three new columns are added: cohort, prior schools, and other names and for staff, two new columns are added: prior schools and other names.

PSSR-251616All States/Provinces: Clock In / Clock Out Report Completes Successfully

Clock In / Clock Out Report: Version 1.2

The Clock In/Clock Out Report completes successfully for schools with multiple FTE's.

PSSR-257051Ed-Fi Framework: Added support for default Daily Attendance records for Daily Attendance Mode.

Updated Ed-Fi framework to publish default daily attendance if attendance mode is Daily. The default records will publish as present with an event duration of 1.

PSSR-257199Ed-Fi Framework: Added support for Positive attendance for daily mode records

The updated ed-fi framework to publish positive daily attendance.
The values are pulled from the mapped code category and provided attendance values.
If not mapped it will publish the record as "In Attendance"

PSSR-232660Exit Date Not Being Delivered To AzEDS For Some Withdrawn Students

The framework is adjusted mark the catalog records ready to publish at the end of the staging process rather than doing it multiple times along the process, to avoid premature publishing of the transactions while supporting values are not updated yet.

PSSR-255149JTED Attendance Exclusions Not Applied During Nightly Process

The nightly attendance refresh is updated to correctly account for JTED section enrollment exclusions. A student's highest-ranked JTED class enrollment is now flagged to be 'ADA Included = No' during the nightly refresh.


AzEDS - Student Special Ed Responsibility Association Dependency on Student Unique ID

The incorrect dependency on student unique ID issue is resolved. Student Special Ed Responsibility Association will now publish successfully.
PSSR-200220Student Attendance Detail Report Updated to Include Minutes for AOI Enrollments

Student Attendance Detail: Version 3.0

The Student Attendance Detail Report is updated to include AOI attendance minutes for the date range selected at report run-time, including one row for each date of attendance, displaying a sum of the minutes for the day.

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