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User Access Roles Setup

User Access Roles are used to determine a staff member's Staff Classification for AzEDS Reporting. User Access Roles are mapped to state defined Staff Classifications using the Ed-Fi Code Set Mappings page. A staff member may have different roles at different schools, or multiple roles at the same school. For instance, a staff member may be a Teacher at one school, but be Office Staff at a different school.

The following data elements are required for User Access Roles setup.

Start Page > System > Roles Administration > User Access

  1. On the Start Page, click System then click Roles Administration.
  2. On the Roles Administration screen, click User Access.
  3. On the User Access Roles page, select a role to edit, or click New.

Note: User Access Roles define a user's security access into the Admin portal in PowerSchool. It is important to verify that the assigned security group is correct for the designated role. These roles should align with your existing security groups as much as possible.

It is usually best to define as many roles as you have job functions within your district and/or as many classifications as you wish to report to AzEDS, keeping in mind that a staff member can have multiple roles at the same school.
For instance, you may have a Role of Teacher with very limited access to PowerSchool and you may have a Role of Office Staff with access to more screens than a teacher. You may also have a teacher who helps out in the office part time. There is no need to create an additional Role of 'Teacher/Office Staff' with Office Staff level access. The teacher who has two roles at the same school can be assigned the Role of Teacher and the Role of Office Staff for that school. If a staff member has multiple roles at a school, their highest access level applies for that school.

Data Element

Additional Information


Used in these Reports

Start Page > System Administrator > Roles Administration > User Access Roles > Edit User Access Role


Enter the name of the Role.





Enter a description of the role.





Check the box to enable the role.

Alternatively, deselect the checkbox to disable the role. When disabled, the role can still be assigned to a user; however, PowerSchool will treat the role as if it does not exist. Disabled roles are preceded with a "Disabled:" prefix.




Security group assigned to the role

Select the appropriate security group for the role.

This security group will override the user default security group when this role is associated to a school on the user account.


Required Setup

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