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The JTED menu is organized into functional groups listing the most commonly used options at the top of the page. The descriptive text further describes the options within each functional group. Use this page to navigate through JTED within the PowerSchool application.

To access the JTED menu:

  1. On the Start page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  2. Click Interfaces to Other Systems. The Interfaces to Other Systems page appears.
  3. Click JTED. The JTED – Arizona's Joint Technical Education District Ranking and Reporting page appears.
  4. Use the following table to determine which option to choose:



JTED Section Ranking

JTED – Joint Technical Education District Section Ranking

Use this option to rank JTED sections in relation to one another. The sections must be identified as used for JTED reporting on the Edit Section page.

JTED Reports

AZ JTED Reports

Use this option to navigate to the State tab of the JTED Reports page.

JTED Functions

SAIS and JTED FTE Validation Tool

Use this tool to evaluate a student's schedule to determine a correct SAIS FTE and JTED Indicator value for each student's school enrollment. This function lists all school enrollment records within the current term for a user's current selection of students. It allows for a bulk update of Student JTED Indicator values, as well as Student FTE values. This is a school level function.

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