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Exit Student Needs

Use this function at the end of the school year to exit students out of open student needs records. This function selects students in identified student needs programs and will exit students from their identified programs by applying the appropriate exit date and reason codes.

Note: This process can be performed for an individual student, a group of students, or all students who have an identified Needs record at any time during the year, but typically is only performed at the end of the year to close records for the current school year.

How to Exit Students from Student Needs

  1. On the Start Page, click Special Functions. The Special Functions page appears.
  2.  Click the Exit Student Needs link under Manage Student Needs. The Exit from Student Needs page appears.
  3. On the Exit from Student Needs page, choose from the following:



Exit from Needs for






Choose one of the following:

  • Individual Student – The name of an individual student appears if you were last working with a single student.
  • The selected x students – The student selection most recently created on the start page appears.
  • All students who ever attended or currently attend this school – This option includes all students who have a SAIS Needs record where the Need start date is in the current term year and the exit date is equal to 0/0/0.

Exit from Needs (check to select all)

Select the checkbox to exit all students in all applicable types of Student Needs.

Exit from Selected Needs

Select the checkboxes for specific types of Student Needs records you want to exit for the current school year.

4. Click Submit. The Confirm Student Needs to Exit page will appear.  

5. Verify the Confirm Student Needs to Exit page is accurate. Student Needs records that you do not want exited can be deselected.

6. Click Submit. The Changes Recorded page appears. 

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