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Build Upload Files

The PowerSchool administrator is responsible for building SAIS upload files.

Build a SAIS upload file using the following steps:

  1. Log into the appropriate school and term.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Interfaces to other systems > SAIS > Build SAIS Upload File.
  3. Choose to Build SAIS Upload Files for:
    • Last Name, First Name (the most recently selected student)
    • The selected [number] students
    • All Students who ever attended or currently attend this school

4. Choose one of the following:

    • Select the Select All Extracts checkbox to build a SAIS Upload File containing all transaction types.
    • Select individual checkboxes to build a SAIS Upload File with one or more selected transaction types.

5. Click Submit.

Note: SAIS files must be built for each school individually.

The first SAIS upload file should be built by the 10th day of each school year. This provides adequate time to determine Summer Withdrawal and Entry Date modifications for students who do not have a proper enrollment at the beginning of the year. Subsequent SAIS upload files are usually built every 2 – 4 weeks. After initial school enrollment transactions are built into an upload file and submitted to ADE, subsequent upload files must include SAIS student IDs. Download SAIS student IDs from the ADE website, then import the IDs into PowerSchool. See Download SAIS IDs for more information.

Build SAIS Upload File Errors

The following is an example of a Build SAIS Upload file error.

An error occurred during processing: 2032 No pending transactions for this school

This error occurs when there are no transactions to include in a SAIS Build file for the students selected to run for. There are a number of reasons this error may display.

  • SAIS has not been activated yet. Transactions are not generated for students until the SAIS Transaction Engine is 'turned on' during the SAIS Activation Process. SAIS Activation is run at the beginning of each school year.
  • The school you are building a file for is excluded from state reporting. No transactions are generated for students at schools excluded from state reporting.
    • If a school is un-excluded from state reporting after SAIS Activation, it will be necessary to perform a Resend Enrollments for all students at the school.
  • The students you are running the build for are excluded from state reporting. A student's "Exclude from State Reporting" status is managed using either DDA or Student Field Value. The value is not editable using a PowerSchool student screen to protect from accidental exclusion. See Knowledgebase article 6114 on PowerSource for information about the Student Field Value function. The field name for Exclude from State Reporting is State_ExcludeFromReporting.
    • If a student is un-excluded from state reporting after SAIS Activation, it will be necessary to perform a Resend Enrollments for the student
  • There are no pending transactions for the students you are running the build for. So as to avoid sending duplicate data to SAIS, once a pending transaction is included in a build file it will not be included in a future build. If all transactions had already been sent to SAIS in a previous build for your selected students and there were no new transactions generated for the students since the last build, the error above will display. For example, if you build a file for a single student, then build a file again for the same student two minutes later your second build will get the 'No pending transactions' error since nothing changed for the student since the last build two minutes ago.
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