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Event Queue Records with Errors

When a SAIS upload file is built, PowerSchool validates each SAIS event record stored in the [StateEventQueue] table. Records with invalid data are excluded from the upload file. Event errors can be viewed via Start Page > Special Functions > Interfaces to Other Systems > SAIS > Event Queue Records with Errors.

For example, if a student's entry date is changed, but the new entry date is not valid, PowerSchool will detect the invalid data during the validation process and display the error until it is corrected and a new file is built.

If data causing the event error has been corrected, select the checkbox OK next to the error and submit the page. This action removes the event error from the page. If the data is corrected and you do not check OK, the event error will be removed when the next SAIS upload file is built.

Event Errors

The following are common event errors.

Event on Hold: Awaiting pending enrollment into SAIS

This error indicates that students are missing a SAIS student ID. Students who do not have a SAIS student ID cannot transact data to the state. SAIS student IDs can be downloaded from ADE's website and imported into PowerSchool. See Download SAIS IDs for more information. Otherwise, manually enter SAIS student IDs individually via Start Page > Student Selection > State/Province – AZ > SAIS Enrollment Information > SAIS Student number.

Enrollment record not found for that date

This error indicates that the "E" (enrollment) entry code is assigned to multiple school enrollments associated with a student during the current school year at the current school. There can only be one "E" entry code per student, school year, and school attended within the district. To correct the error, enter the "R" (re-enrollment) entry code for all school enrollments that occur after the initial enrollment for the school year.

Invalid entry code for new enrollment

This error indicates that the "R" entry code assigned when reenrolling the student in school does not match the previous "W" exit code used to withdraw the student. Change the "R" entry code value to match the "W" exit code value used for the previous withdrawal.

School is not in session on that date

This error indicates that an attendance transaction is on hold because the date either falls outside the student's school enrollment dates, or on a day that is not in session. Verify that the attendance record falls within the student's school enrollment dates found on the Transfer Info > Edit Enrollment page and that the day is in session according to the Calendar Setup. Locate the school calendar via Start Page > School Setup > Calendar Setup (the "In Sess" box must be checked for the particular date).

Need SPED Service Unsent; No SPED DOR for the dates found.

This error indicates that the student is associated with a 014 - SPED service for the current school year, but is not associated with a district of residence. Navigate to Start Page > Student > State/Province - AZ > SAIS Needs > Edit Student SPED Service Participation and assign a district of residence for the appropriate SPED service.

Warning 03/01/2010 3:30 PM

The absence amount calculated for 03/01/2010 (0.25) exceeds the student's FTE (0.00) on that date.

PowerSchool has reported 0.00 to SAIS.

This error occurs when the attendance value for a student exceeds the student's allowed value. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue:

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Student > Transfer Info > Edit Current Enrollment.
  2. Identify the Full-Time Equivalency (FTE) associated with the student.
  3. Navigate to Start Page > School Setup > Full-Time Equivalencies (FTE).
  4. Determine the value allowed for the student's particular FTE.
  5. Navigate to Start Page > Student > Attendance.
  6. Identify the attendance code assigned to the student for that day.
  7. Determine if the student was assigned a greater attendance value that their FTE allows and make the necessary corrections.

No guardian name found

This error indicates that the student either does not have Father, Mother, or Guardian information populated, or the information is entered incorrectly. Students need to have a value entered for Mother, Father, or Guardian, in the format of last, first. A single name or word in the fields on the following pages will generate the error:

Start Page > Student Selection > Arizona State Information > SAIS Enrollment Information

Start Page > Student Selection > Parents/Guardian

Warning: No elements on the transaction are different. SAIS was not updated.

Generally, this error indicates that the transaction was submitted at least once previously. You must confirm whether or not this error is valid. You may need to review the Needs information in PowerSchool for the student, make a change, and submit a new transaction.

Matching SPED Service DOR Not Found For Delete Operation


No Participation Program Service Found For Student

These errors are related to 014 – SPED Service Participation and 019 – SPED DOR Transfer transactions. SAIS requires a SPED DOR (district of residence) for every day that a student is enrolled in a SPED Service. When dates become out-of-sync, these errors may be encountered. Review your SPED Service and SPED DOR entry and exit dates to determine the cause of the error.

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