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Staff Setup - AzEDS

The following data elements are required for staff setup. The first three pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > Staff > [Select Staff Member]

  1. On the Start Page, click Staff.
  2. Select a staff member or New Staff Entry.
  3. Select Edit Information for existing staff members.

Note: For more information on code values, see the Appendix.

Data Element

Additional Information


Used in these Reports

Search Staff > choose a staff member > Edit Information

Name (Last, First MI)

Enter the name.

Format: LastName, FirstName MiddleName






Email Address

Enter the staff member's email address




Enter the staff member's title.




Choose Male or Female from the pop-up menu.



Federal Ethnicity and Race: Ethnicity

Select Yes or No to indicate if the staff member is Hispanic or Latino.


Valid Values:

-1 – Default, no value

0 – No, not Hispanic or Latino

1 – Yes, Hispanic or Latino


Federal Ethnicity and Race: Race

Select the checkbox for the appropriate federal race category.



Reporting Ethnicity

Choose the appropriate race code from the pop-up menu.




Enter the staff member's ID.




Enter the teacher's State/Province ID (Educator Stakeholder ID) if available.

Only enter numbers, no hyphens or other characters.



School Phone #

Enter the staff member's work phone number




Enter the staff member's address.







Enter the staff member's social security number.




Enter the teacher's date of birth.



Staff Type

Choose the Staff Type from the pop-up menu.



Educator Stakeholder ID

Enter the teacher's Arizona Educator Stakeholder Id (if available).

Only enter numbers, no hyphens or other characters.

Note: As of version 1.6 of the Course Section report, this field is now obsolete. Data from the AZ_EducatorID field is migrated to the SIF_StatePrid field, and the report is updated to report a teacher's Educator Stakeholder ID from the new location.



Exclude From Student-Teacher-Course Connection (STC)

Check the box to exclude the staff member from the Student Teacher Connection reports and to exclude the staff member from AzEDS reporting.

Note: ALL staff members not excluded will be published through AzEDS reporting.


AzEDS: Section






Security Settings > Admin Access and Roles

For a staff member to be reported through AzEDS for a particular school, the staff member needs to have a Role at the school that is mapped to a Staff Classification on the Ed-Fi Code Set Mappings page.

A staff member can be assigned multiple roles at a school, but only the roles mapped to an Ed-Fi Staff Classification will be reported.

Admin Access Roles affect a staff member's admin level access at the designated school. A role should be selected with the desired level of admin access for the staff member. If a staff member is given multiple roles at a school, the staff member receives the HIGHEST level of access of the roles assigned. For more information on roles, please click Help (next to Sign Out) while on the Security Settings – Admin Access and Roles page.

To give a staff member the same level of admin access as they had prior to being assigned a specific role, please select a role with the same Security Group (in parenthesis after the Role Name) as is displayed on the staff member's 'Default Group' setting on the Admin Access and Roles page. For more information about setting up User Access Roles, see the User Access Roles Setup portion of this guide, or the PowerSchool Help link.

To update a staff member's role for an existing school association, click the pencil icon for the school under Roles and Schools.

To create a new school association for the staff member, click the Add button.


A list of Schools the Staff member is associated with.

AzEDS: StaffEducationOrganizationAssignmentAssociation

Roles (Group Name)

The staff member's role(s) are displayed. If the staff member is not assigned a specific role at the school, Default Group Access is displayed with the staff member's Default Group setting in parenthesis.

A staff member must be assigned a specific role or roles to be reported through AzEDS.


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