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Course Exit Type Codes

Note: Course Exit Type is calculated at report runtime based on the student's schedule for the year.





Content Complete - Full Credit

The student finished covering the full course content – Normal course termination.


Content Complete - Partial Credit

The student covered the course content, but full credit for the course was not earned. Partial or no credit was granted for this course.


Content Complete - No Credit

The student failed or otherwise did not receive any credit for the course


Schedule Change

This course was dropped to accommodate a schedule change for another course or student activity/need.


Left the School

The student is no longer enrolled in the school, so all courses have been dropped


Open Ended Course

The student is enrolled in a computer-based course (AOI-online) that is open entry/open exit and does not follow a traditional school calendar begin or end dates. Content is delivered online and Instructional Setting MUST be marked CB (Computer Based).

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