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AzEDS Calendar Membership Types

The following new Calendar Membership Types can be used for AzEDS reporting if needed to override a value for the calendarDayTrackEvent->trackEventDescriptor element. 

Calendar Membership Type
AzEDS - Christmas Day
AzEDS - Columbus Day
AzEDS - Emergency day
AzEDS - Emergency day, Non-Instructional
AzEDS - Emergency day,Instructional
AzEDS - Fall Break
AzEDS - Independence Day
AzEDS - Instructional day
AzEDS - Labor Day
AzEDS - Make-up day
AzEDS - Make-up day,Instructional
AzEDS - Martin Luther King Day
AzEDS - Memorial Day
AzEDS - New Year's Day
AzEDS - Other Holiday
AzEDS - Other Non Session Day
AzEDS - President's Day
AzEDS - Spring Break
AzEDS - Strike
AzEDS - Student late arrival/early dismissal
AzEDS - Student Refusal to Attend 15-806,Instructi
AzEDS - Student Refusal to Attend 15-806,Non-Instr
AzEDS - Teacher only day
AzEDS - Teacher Strike,Non-Instructional
AzEDS - Thanksgiving Day
AzEDS - Veteran's Day
AzEDS - Weather day
AzEDS - Weather day,Instructional
AzEDS - Weather day,Non-Instructional
AzEDS - Weekend day
AzEDS - Winter Break 
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