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SAIS End-of-Year

The SAIS End-of-Year (EOY) process is performed at the district level. However, the validation and EOY status transactions are performed at each school. The EOY process gathers all students who should have an EOY status code (see the definition below) and performs a validation. Validation errors must be corrected before the EOY process will complete.

The SAIS End-of-Year process will generate End of Year Status (016) transactions and will exit students from all of their open Needs records. For more information see the "End of Year" portion of Student Need Rules.

End of Year Status

The following students must be assigned an EOY status code via Start Page > Student > State/Province – AZ > Year-End Status.

  • Non-summer school students – Any student with an exit date that is greater than the last day of school and an entry date that is less than the last day of school for the current school year.
  • Summer school students – Any student with an exit date that is one day greater than the last day of school and an exit code of SS for their regular school enrollment.


The following validations are performed for the students listed above:

  • SAIS EOY must not have been processed for the current school year.
  • There can be no blank exit codes for any students.
  • Students with exit codes other than end-of-year status codes must be withdrawn via the Transfer Out of School option on the Functions page.
  • Students must have a next year grade level that coincides with their EOY status code (exit code). If a grade level is the same as the current year, but the status code says promoted, a validation error occurs. The exception to this validation is students with a grade level of either UE or US.
  • For fiscal year 2007 forward, the EOY status code (exit code) "G" (Graduated) only applies to grade levels 11 and 12.
  • For fiscal year 2007 forward, students in grades Preschool – 10th, including Unnumbered Elementary, must only have EOY exit code values of "P" (Promoted) or "R" (Retained).

Performing SAIS End-of-Year Process

  1. Navigate to Start page > Special Functions > Interfaces to Other Systems > SAIS > SAIS End of Year Process.
  2. Click SAIS End of Year Validation to validate your data. If errors are found, the students with errors will be in the current selection.
  3. Make any necessary changes based on validation errors.
  4. Continue to validate until no errors are received.
  5. Click SAIS End of Year Process.
  • Select the checkbox to build a file, if necessary.
  • Select the checkbox to verify you really want to perform this function.

Submitting End-of-Year to SAIS

Once the district runs the SAIS End-of-Year Process, each school needs to build a file for submission to SAIS. The file will include end-of-year status transactions.

PowerSchool End-of-Year

The SAIS End-of-Year process must be completed before the PowerSchool End-of-Year process. This validation occurs because the PowerSchool End-of-Year turns off the SAIS engine so that the edits to enrollments that are necessary at the beginning of the school year do not generate unnecessary transactions.

The following two items are deviations from the PowerSchool End-of-Year process Instructions:

  • It is not necessary to enter exit codes because these have already been chosen as end-of-year status codes.
  • Enter the entry code for promoted students as E1 (or whatever is used by your school). This must be a valid SAIS entry code.

The PowerSchool End-of-Year process will perform the following additional step for Arizona districts:

  • All students who are given a school enrollment for the upcoming school year will have their JTED_Indicator set to 0 (No).
  • Set a student's EnrollmentType value to T for any student given an AOI school enrollment. An AOI school is a school type of 2 (Schools.AZ_SchoolType = 2).

Note: Perform a backup and store the data file outside of your normal backup location before performing the PowerSchool End-of-Year process.

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