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Early Childhood Participation 023: AZ_EarlyChildhoodParticipation

Note: Importing records into this table triggers SAIS events in PowerSchool. The events are included as transactions the next time you build a SAIS Upload File (there is no need to resend enrollments after importing 023 Needs).

Data Element

Importing: [Table]Field

DDE: [Table]Field

Student ID



School ID






Preschool Program Type


Note: Must be a valid SAIS code.


Program Entry Date



Program Exit Date



Program Partner ID



Family Income Indicator


Valid values:

  • 1 – Yes
  • 0 – No


Living in Household Indicator


Valid values:

  • 1 – Mother
  • 2 – Father
  • 3 – Both
  • 4 – Neither


Mother Employment Status


Valid values:

  • 1 – Yes
  • 0 – No


Father Employment Status


Valid values:

  • 1 – Yes
  • 0 – No


Adult Education ID



Exempt from PPVT III or PALS-PreK



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