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Arizona Meeting Attendance Clock In / Clock Out

To calculate an accurate percentage of the day present or number of instructional minutes attended, districts require a way to determine partial period attendance minutes. The new Meeting Attendance Clock In / Clock Out page allows for a more granular accounting of a student’s instructional time.

Note: Arizona Meeting Clock-in / Clock-out functionality is disabled for Schools who have checked the box to 'Enable Clock In/Clock Out' under the Meeting 'Attendance recording method' on the Attendance Preferences page (released in PowerSchool version 12.1). The new Core functionality released in 12.1 replaces the Arizona specific clock-in/out functionality discussed below.

Enabling New Attendance Methods and Meeting Clock-in / Clock-out Functionality:

  1. From the School pop-up menu, choose District Office.
  2. Navigate to Start Page > District > District Info.
  3. Select the 'Enable Per-Minute Meeting Attendance Times' checkbox, then click Submit.
    1. Note: This will enable the new Arizona Attendance Methods and will allow for enabling Meeting Period Clock-in / Clock-out functionality at each school.
  4. Change to a School, then navigate to Start Page > School > Preferences (under Attendance).
  5. If using 'Method 1 - Percent Periods Attended', select the option in the 'SAIS Attendance Mode' field, then click Submit.
  6. If using one of the other three new methods, select the 'Enable Per-Minute Meeting Attendance Times' checkbox, then click Submit
    1. Note: The 'Enable Per-Minute Meeting Attendance Times' checkbox can be enabled for schools using Method 1, but the times are not used in attendance calculations.
  7. Select an option in the 'SAIS Attendance Mode' field, then click Submit.
    1. Note: Some options have additional sub-options available when selected.

Additional Note: Alternative Schools will see an additional field on the page allowing for selection of 'Attendance Reporting Method' with the option to report Minutes of Attendance, or Daily Absences. If Minutes of Attendance is selected, AzEDS will report actual minutes a student attends each day, otherwise AzEDS will report absences like Traditional Schools.

Using Meeting Clock-in / Clock-out functionality:

  1. In PowerSchool Admin, at the School level, bring up a student.
  2. Click Attendance > Meeting > [select a week] > Clock In / Clock Out (for an attendance date). The ‘Clock In and Out’ page appears.
  3. Click the green plus (+) icon and add a new Clock In / Clock Out row.
  4. Enter either a Clock In or Clock Out time (or both), then click Save.

Note: Blank Clock In or Clock Out times will default to a student’s beginning or end of day.

  1. Click the X to close the Clock In and Out page.
  2. On the Edit Meeting Attendance page, set the appropriate periods to absent or present according to the Clock times entered.

Note: When clocking a student out, the Clock In and Out page does not currently auto-fill the periods for the rest of the day present or absent.

Notes on using Meeting Clock-in / Clock-out Functionality:

  • Attendance should be taken for each class in the bell schedule to ensure accurate attendance reporting. Clock In / Clock Out records do not determine presence/absence status for a class; rather, they are used to determine how many minutes of a class the student attended if the Clock In or Clock Out time-stamp bisects a class.
  • A student can have multiple Clock-in / Clock-out records per day.
  • Meeting Clock In / Clock Out times will be used in the following Arizona specific attendance methods:
    • Percent of Day Present (K-8 schools)
    • Method 2: Minutes Attended (High schools)
    • Minutes of Attendance (Alternative schools)
    • Meeting Clock-in / Clock-out records are currently used in State Reports and in AzEDS Publishing for the above methods.


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