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Student Setup - Student Teacher Extract

The following data elements are required for student setup. The first two pages of navigation are removed for brevity:

Start Page > Student.

  1. On the Start Page select the School link at the top of the page.
  2. Choose the appropriate school from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. Select the first letter of the student's last name.
  5. Select a student from the list. The last accessed student information page opens for the student selected.

Note: For more information on code values, see the Appendix.

Data Element

Additional Information



Used in these Reports


Name (last, first MI)

Enter the student's name.

Format: LastName, FirstName MiddleName






Enter the student's date of birth.



Choose either female or male from the pop-up menu.

Valid values:

  • F – Female
  • M – Male


Student Number

Enter the locally assigned student number.


State/Province – AZ > SAIS Enrollment Information

SAIS Student Number

Enter the student's SAIS ID.

The value for State_EnrollFlag is updated to 1 (True) if a SAIS ID is entered and the page is submitted. The default value is 0 (False). This field indicates that the student is enrolled in SAIS.

The State_EnrollFlag field is also automatically updated when importing SAIS IDs using the Import SAIS Student IDs function from the SAIS Menu (Start Page > Special Functions > Interfaces to Other Systems > SAIS).

When importing SAIS IDs using the Quick Import function, include the State_EnrollFlag field with a value of 1 for each student.



State Exclude Field – Updated using Student Field Value or DDA (USM)

Exclude From State Reporting

Use this field to exclude a student from SAIS reporting, as well as the STC reports.

Valid values:

  • 1 = excluded
  • blank (null) = not excluded


Historical Grades > Edit/New Stored Grade

School year (Term)

Enter the TermID associated with this historical grade.


Store Code

Store Code of the historical grade must match the Store Code value entered on the Student Course Enrollment / Final Grade Mapping screen on the School Setup screen at the District Office.


Associated Section

Historical grade must be associated with a PowerSchool section.


Enter the grade awarded for this historical grade.


Earned Credit Hours

Enter the earned credit hours awarded for this historical grade.


All Enrollments > Edit Enrollment Record

Enroll Date

Date the student enrolled in the section.


Exit Date

Date the student exited the section.


Course Entry Type

Enter a Course Entry Type override value if applicable.

  • Leave blank to let the report calculate Course Entry Type.


Course Exit Type

Enter a Course Exit Type override value if applicable.

  • Leave blank to let the report calculate Course Exit Type.


Earning Dual Credits

Indicate if this student is earning Dual Credit in a Dual Credit course.

Note: Populate "N" if a student is enrolled in a Dual Credit class, but is not earning dual credit.


Concurrently Enrolled

Indicate if the student is concurrently enrolled in a course that offers concurrent enrollment.

Note: Use "N" when the course does not offer concurrent enrollment.



Enter any clarifying information for this course section.


Standards Grades Identifier

(Populate if using Standards instead of Traditional grades for course)

Enter Standard Identifier if using Standards instead of Traditional grades for course.

Ex: LA.11.3.12

Note: Defaults to Section level setting if blank, then to course level if CC and Section are blank.

If no value is present in any Standards Grades Identifier field, Traditional grades are reported (StoredGrades).

(For information about Standards setup, please see the Standards User Guide for PowerSchool 7.x located on PowerSource.


Exclude from AZ Student-Teacher –Course Connection Reports

Click the checkmark to exclude From AZ Student-Teacher-Course Connection Reports.
Note: Defaults to section, then course level setting if blank.


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