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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note


AzEDS: Improve Student Section Publishing Performance

AzEDS Student Section publishing is updated to publish with improved performance for the AzEDS 2019-20 profile.

PSSR-237042AzEDS:UniqueID Request Error When Using the 2020-21 Profile

The UniqueID service for the AzEDS 2020-21 Profile no longer displays an error when requesting new uniqueIDs for students and staff members.

Districts who had turned off the AzEDS 2020-21 UniqueID service and are using the AzEDS 2019-20 service as a work around can now reverse the previous steps taken to enable the UniqueID service for the AzEDS 2020-21 profile.

PSSR-236973AzEDS 20-21 Profile: Course Offering Local Course Code Update for Sections With Course Identifier Value Populated

When sections have the Course Identifier field populated with a State Course Code to override a course's Alternate (State) Course Code, the LocalCourseCode published value now includes a Sections DCID value, along with the CourseNumber, to make the value unique.

The following resources are updated to implement the new logic for the element LocalCourseCode.

  • Course Offering
  • Sections
  • Student Sections
  • Staff Sections
  • Student Transcripts (alternate course code has been modified in this resource)
PSSR-237056AzEDS: Student Section Enrollment Remote School Publishing Update

AzEDS Student Section Enrollment publishing is updated to resolve an issue with publishing remote class enrollments for students in the current school year who have a concurrent enrollment at the remote school in a previous term year.

PSSR-229653AzEDS Attendance Published Without Absence Amount or Minutes - Corrected

AzEDS Attendance publishing is updated to publish attendance correctly for blended schools that have a specific Attendance Preference setup.

PSSR-223764AzEDS Courses and Sections Update for Tuitioned-out Schools

AzEDS Course and Section records now publish successfully for tuitioned-out schools that have a school entity ID of 00000.

PSSR-231620AzEDS Remote Course Enrollment Update for Tuitioned-out Schools

AzEDS Courses and Student Sections publishing for remote section data is updated to now publish at the tuitioned-out school instead of at the remote school.

PSSR-237535AzEDS Student Attendance Update for Tuitioned-out Schools

The AzEDS Student Attendance resource is updated to not trigger the deletion of sessions at tuitioned out schools if there is no attendance to published for the entity.

PSSR-235706AzEDS Student Demographics Updates for 20-21 Publishing

AzEDS 20-21 Student Demographics Publishing is updated to report a new Student Characteristic, 1/4 or More Degree Indian Blood, with Student Characteristic Period start and end dates corresponding with the student's school enrollment dates.
Student Demographics is also updated to publish new Tribal Affiliation values added for 2020-2021 reporting.

PSSR-234449Ed-Fi Framework: New Run All Button on Dashboard for Publishing Section Resources

There is a new Run All button on the header of each section of the Ed-Fi dashboard. Click this button to download and publish section resources with the following options:

  • Publish Missing
  • Publish All
  • Publish Errors
  • Publish Dependencies
PSSR-233535New Contacts Link for New User Experience (PS 20.4 and higher)For districts on PowerSchool version 20.4 (or higher), that are using the New User Experience, a [StateName] Contacts link has been added to the Start Page left navigation menu, under Contact Search. Use this link to access the State Student Contacts search page.
PSSR-235399Nightly Attendance Refresh: Improve JTED Exclusion Performance

The PowerSchool nightly attendance refresh is updated to improve performance when calculating JTED Attendance exclusions. JTED nightly attendance processing now follows this schedule:

  • Monday through Thursday evening: Refreshes the current and past 3 school years data
  • Friday: Refreshes attendance data for all school years
PSSR-228949Student Needs Export Updates

Student Needs Export: Version 1.5

The Student Needs Export is updated with a new Include Excluded Schools parameter option when run at the District Office. When the new option is selected, students belonging to schools that are excluded from state reporting are included in the results. The report is also updated with a new Excluded From State Reporting column.

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