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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-225414AzEDS - Course Offerings and Student Attendance are Stuck in Dependency on Session (Term) Record for Tuitioned-out Schools

AzEDS publishing of Course Offerings and Student Attendance is updated to publish without Session (Term) Record dependencies for students in tuitioned-out schools (schools with entityID = 00000).

PSSR-231143AzEDS - Implementation to Support 2020-21 Identity Changes

State student pages require updates to support AzEDS 2020-21 Identity changes.

  • An additional field "Prior District schoolID" is added to the following pages:
    • Enroll New Student; below the SAIS Student Number field
    • State Enrollment; above the SAIS Student Number field
  • An additional note is added which states (Start typing the school name of an Arizona school. You can also use the down arrow key for a list of values)

This new field will be used when requesting a new UniqueID (state student number) for students.

PSSR-227847AzEDS JTED Attendance Publishing Errors Corrected

AzEDS Student Attendance Publishing is updated to account for students from multiple high schools taking classes at a single JTED Entity.
Previous to this change JTED Attendance records would only publish correctly for one of the high schools, while the other high school having students in the same JTED entity would receive 409 publishing errors.

PSSR-223707AzEDS Locations (Rooms) Records Do Not Publish at Tuitioned-Out Schools with School Entity ID 00000

AzEDS Locations (Rooms) records now publish at tuitioned-out schools that have a school entity ID of 00000.

PSSR-218304AzEDS Staff Resource Automatic Publishing Update

AzEDS Staff resources are updated to automatically publish when a staff member is associated with a section. Previous to this update, Staff members would only publish for the first time a school year with a Publish Missing or Publish All.

PSSR-222200AzEDS Student Demographics Update for LanguageUseDescriptor

AzEDS Student Demographics is updated to publish Home Language, Spoken Language, and First Acquired Language when a student has a value in all three fields. Previous to this change, Spoken Language was not reported if all three language fields were populated.

PowerSchool recommends performing a Publish All for Student Demographics after installing this update.

PSSR-228490Ed-Fi Framework: Performance Improvement Update

Performance improvements are made to the publishing of data.

PSSR-226548JTED Attendance Exclusion Logic Corrected

The PowerSchool nightly recalculation of attendance is updated to only exclude a student's highest-ranked JTED class enrollment for any given attendance date. Previous to this change, the nightly attendance recalculation was excluding all JTED class enrollments from the calculation.
This issue impacts JTED satellite high schools using the 'Use core conversions' for their SAIS Attendance Mode on the school Attendance Preferences page.

PowerSchool recommends running Publish All for Student Attendance at impacted schools after installing this update.

PSSR-170879Student Contacts: Dependencies for No Show Students

If Student Contact data is published and the student then is later flagged as a no show, a dependency will show for parent contact data.
AzEDS Student Contacts are updated to un-publish ineligible student contact related data. A new option has been added to the AzEDS Dashboard Run Now options called 'Unpublish Ineligible'. This option will delete published records that are no longer eligible.

PSSR-224745Student School Association: Missing Exit Dates for Students with Changed Enrollments

AzEDS Student School Enrollment publishing is updated to include the applicable Exit Date for FTE, Tuition Payer, Special Enrollments, and DOR records when a student is given an exit reason (exit code) and the student had received a Change Enrollment mid school year.

PSSR-207881Unable To Delete S_AZ_STU_AOIATT_C Records Via Import

You are now able to delete S_AZ_STU_AOIATT_C records via Import.

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