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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-240639AzEDS - Courses and Sections Publishing Update

AzEDS Courses and Sections publishing is updated to no longer display an ORA error in the Diagnostic Viewer when a course is marked as vocational and has an EOC Assessment Code value populated.

PSSR-241613AzEDS Contacts Relationship Updates

AZ student contacts now have new relationship Descriptors when adding a new relation or editing an existing relation. AzEDS Student Contacts publishing is updated to recognize and publish the new descriptors for the AzEDS 2020-21 profile.
New Contact Relationships:

  • Guardian
  • MotherInLaw
  • Neighbor
  • Sibling
  • SisterInLaw
  • SonInLaw
  • Spouse
PSSR-233433AzEDS Student Demographics: Update to Include Mailing Address

Student mailing address, containing the four fields Mailing_Street, Mailing_City, Mailing_State, and Mailing_Zip, is now included in the student demographics resource if populated for a student.

PSSR-242072AzEDS Student Programs: Student Special Ed Responsibility Association Publishes Incorrect Entity

AzEDS Student Programs publishing is updated to report EducationOrganizationID as the School EntityID instead LEA EntityID for the Student Special Ed Responsibility Association resource.

PSSR-241032Courses and Sections Pages Updates

The courses and sections pages are updated to allow up to four characters for the Minutes Per Week field.

PSSR-238133ESS Discipline Data Collection Validation - 2019-2020 Changes

The following Updates are implemented to the AZ Safe Validation report to align with 2019-2020 requirements:

  • The AZ Safe Validation report is renamed to 'ESS Discipline Data Collection Validation'.
  • The report has a new run-time parameter to allow for reporting only SPED students (defaults to checked).
  • The report validates elements that are reported in ESS Discipline Data Collection report, removing validation of data elements no longer collected.
PSSR-240614State Calendar Mappings Screen – Update to Allow Duplicate Calendar Code – Sequence per Entity

The State Calendar Mapping page (on the edit school page at District Office) is updated to allow for two schools to have the same calendar code/sequence combination when the two schools have the same state Entity ID.

PSSR-243887AzEDS Student School Association: Exit Date is Not Published When a Default Exit Code is Published

AzEDS Student Enrollments publishing is updated to include the student's school exit date in the output when publishing a default exit code for students who do not have an exit code (end of year status code) populated in PowerSchool.

Action Required: School districts must republish Student Enrollments and Student Programs after applying this update.

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