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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-281819All States/Provinces: New Office Visit Details Report

Office Visit Details: Version 1.0

A new Office Visit Details report is now available on the System Reports tab and can be run for a specific school and for a specific time frame based on user defined Start and End Date parameters.

The report can be run to include any (or all) of the various data groupings (listed below) within an Office Visit record.

Visit Details

This data grouping displays:

  •   Visit Reason
  •   Vital Signs
  •   Accident Info
  •   Assessment
  •   Outcome & Actions
  •  Change Reason

The report can also be configured to return Office Visit data by student or by date.

Note: At this time, the report will return the results in an HTML format but a PDF output option is being developed and will be released in a future release.

PSSR-287711Ed-Fi Framework: Performance improvement for Ed-Fi Profile Load

Performance improvement on the main start page of PowerSchool for Ed-Fi profiles and on the Profile Configuration of the plugin.

PSSR-291209Ed-Fi Framework: Update Codeset Mapping Dropdown

When viewing the codeset mapping dropdown with multiple namespaces, the items are correctly grouped by namespace.

PSSR-288798Enabling publishing of organizations and resources data based on school instead of Org ID.

Enabling and disabling organizations and organization resources under Resource Configuration Editor is now based on school id instead of organization id.

PSSR-288810Improve Handling of Disabled Schools

If the schools have been disabled in the resource configuration editor, the publishing job should not process them.

PSSR-291889AzEDS - 2022-23 Changes: Student Program Attendance UpdateAzEDS Student Program Student Attendance for the 2022-23 profile is updated to no longer go to dependency in the case of multiple CCLC section enrollments in same day.
PSSR-286884AzEDS 2022-23 Changes: Implement Descriptor and Code Value Changes

The following data collection and publishing updates are implemented to support AzEDS 2022-23 changes:

  • SPED Updates:

    • The following changes are made to the SPED Service Code options:

      • Greyed out for 22-23 and moved to the bottom of the list:

        • EA - Public or Private Residential Facility for greater than 50% of the school day - Code A

        • EB - Public or Private Residential Facility for greater than 50% of the school day - Code B

        • EC - Public or Private Residential Facility for greater than 50% of the school day - Code C

      • Added and made available (selectable) for 22-23 forward (not selectable before 22-23 term):

        • (ES) Public or Private Residential Facility for greater than 50% of the school day

      • Modified Service Code Name:

        • (H) Hospital or Home Instruction

      • Special Education Setting Descriptor Changes - Multiple descriptors updated to align with 22-23 wording changes

      • New PK SPED Exit Reason:

        • (14) No longer eligible for preschool special education (Stored in the database as 14, but reported as SPED14)

  • Gifted and Talented Changes:

    1. The (35) Gifted Program records are no longer published with a ProgramTypeDescriptorId of Support Program, but are published with the new ProgramTypeDescriptorId of ‘Gifted and Talented’

    2. Data collection remains the same, but they are no longer reported as a Support Program. They are reported as their own ‘program type’.

  • New School Exit Code automatically seeded:

    1. CC - Completed Concurrent Enrollment

  • AzEDS 22-23 Student Program and Student Enrollment Publishing is updated to extract updated / new descriptor values if populated.

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