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AzEDS 2019-2020 Changes - Overview

This page discusses 2019-2020 reporting and data collection changes for AzEDS.

Note: The new AzEDS 2019-2020 profile is scheduled to be released on May 31, 2019.

School Calendar

ADE opened its 2019-2020 school year database for publishing on May 1, 2019, to give districts ample time to submit their School Calendars. School Calendar reporting is similar to previous years, with the following exceptions:

  • Calendar Track Descriptions have changed to be more descriptive.
  • The number of days a calendar meets is no longer separately collected. Each calendar track description designates the number of days the track meets.
  • Additional Calendar Integrity Rules are implemented by ADE. For a list of additional Calendar integrity rules, click here.

Student and Student Demographics

The student resource has been split into to separate resources, Student and Student Demographic.

  • Each student will have a single Student resource containing basic demographic information.
  • Students can have multiple Student Demographic resources published (one per school), containing more detailed demographic information.
    • PowerSchool will automatically publish one Student Demographic record per school a student is enrolled in for the school year.
  • ADE is now collecting Student Legal Name and Other Name (defaulting to Nickname).
    • Legal Name fields are added to PowerSchool on the Enroll New Student and Demographic pages.
    • A script has automatically populated Legal Name fields with a student's current Last, First, Middle name.
    • ACTION ITEM: Validate student's Legal and Preferred (nickname) fields are correct.
    • Suffix Fields are added to Legal and Preferred names.
  • Tribal Affiliation is now a drop-down field containing the most common tribes in Arizona, with an Other option.
    • If Other is chosen, another field is displayed, allowing the user to designate the other tribe.
    • ACTION ITEM: The previous Tribal Designation is no longer used. Each student with a Tribal Affiliation must be re-populated.
    • Update: As of 5/20/2019, ADE has removed the '1/4 or More Indian Blood' Characteristic from collection.
  • Student Demographic has two new Student Characteristics:
    • Foster Care (entered as a Student Need)
    • Single Parent (Single Parent Household) - Needed for CTE
      • Single Parent Household is populated on the Student Parents screen in the Guardian Name & Info section.
    • Note: There were three new Characteristics, but ADE removed one (1/4 or More Indian Blood) from collection on 5/21/2019.

Changes Required for CTE Reporting

CTE Enrollment (40 day and 100 day reports) and Participant Concentrator information will now be submitted through AzEDS. Most of the data needed by the ADE CTE department is already submitted through AzEDS. The following additional data items are added to AzEDS publishing for CTE:

  • Teacher Email Address
    • We will use the existing Email Address field on the Staff Information page to publish the teacher email address.
  • Is in Foster Care and Single Parent - See above
  • Site Location School ID - Required for Articulated sections
    • A new field on the Sections page will be added to collect Site Location School ID (populate for articulated sections).

Usability Enhancements for 2019-2020

Along with the required changes for 2019-2020 reporting, PowerSchool has/will be implementing usability enhancements to various functional areas.

  • Remote Class Enrollments:
    • Users will no longer need to create concurrent school enrollments for students taking classes at other schools. Section and Student Section publishing will automatically publish the remote section and the remote section enrollment at the student's Home school.
  • 21st Century Program Attendance:
    • Users will no longer need to mark students absent on the days they are not in program attendance. We will treat a blank present as 'not in attendance'. We will only publish attendance for days where a student has a non-blank present code.
  • JTED Enrollment and Attendance Publishing:
    • A School level JTED EntityID flag will be added to the Schools/School Info (edit school) link. If the student JTED CTDS field is blank, we will read from the School JTED EntityID field
  • SPED and Student Needs data entry
    • Student SPED Needs page will be updated to remove no longer collected fields
    • Student Needs page will be updated to remove all SPED Need Codes. SPED Need Codes are populated when creating the SPED Need.



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