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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-232969AzEDS 20-21 Updates: Student Support Program Codes

The Student Support Program Participation page is updated to have the following new descriptions for 21st Century programs:

  • 21st Century Community Learning Centers Year 1 - New
  • 21st CCLC Yr 2
  • 21st CCLC Yr 3
  • 21st CCLC Yr 4
  • 21st CCLC Yr 5
PSSR-231142AzEDS 2020-2021 Identity Update

The AzEDS 2020-2021 Identity changes are now available. This includes new elements added for search requests.
Note: You will need to disable the Unique ID service option of the 2020-2021 profile if installing this version prior to June 1, 2020. You need to make requests for unique IDs using the 2019-2020 profile.

PSSR-231139AzEDS 2020-2021 Profile (New)

The AzEDS 2020-2021 profile is now available. It has the same resources as the 2019-2020 profile.

PSSR-232552AzEDS: Courses and Sections - Implement 2020-2021 Publishing Changes

Course and Sections publishing for the 2020-2021 profile is updated for 2020-2021 requirements.

  • EOC Assessment Codes are now only published for the S1 Assessment Code.
  • New data element MinutesPerWeek has been added when publishing Sections. When populated, this data will publish for a course/section. It is required for CTE sections.
  • CourseOfferingCourseSchedule does not get published for CTE courses.

A new data element, Minutes Per Week, is added to the Courses and Sections page with valid values of blank and 0 - 999.

PSSR-232859AzEDS: JTED School Enrollment Not Created When Teacher Is Excluded from STC

Student Enrollment publishing is updated to create JTED Student School enrollments when a student is enrolled in a JTED section and the teacher teaching the JTED section is marked to Exclude From Student-Teacher-Course Connection (STC).

PSSR-230213AzEDS: Publish Student Remote Section with Different Term at Home School

Student Section Enrollment publishing is updated to publish student remote section enrollments at the home school when the home school has different terms from remote school.

PSSR-231219AzEDS: Student Enrollments 2020-2021 Changes

AzEDS Student Enrollment 2020-2021 changes include:

  • No longer report ExitWithdrawReasonDescriptorID for Student School Association records
  • Removal of Withdrawal Reason from the Transfer Info and Transfer Out screens for records having entry dates within the 2020-21 school year and onwards
PSSR-232806AzEDS: Student Programs Begin Date Prior to Student’s Entry Date Cannot Be Deleted

AzEDS publishing logic is updated to allow deletion or updates of Student Programs if the begin date is prior to the student school entry date.

PSSR-228602AzEDS: Student Section Dependencies Created For Remote Enrollment Sections At Remote School

Student Section Enrollment publishing is updated to not publish section enrollment records from the student's remote school while also publishing from the student's home school.

PSSR-225102Ed-Fi: Special Characters in a Key Are Secret Are Not Saved

Ed-Fi is updated to correctly handle special characters that may appear as part of a district's key or secret.

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