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Initiate Reconciliation Download

Prior to running the Ed-Fi Reconciliation, data must first be downloaded. The Initiate Reconciliation data publishing option is used to download data for reconciliation. The data is reconciled as the download occurs.

Note: Currently data reconciliation excludes records from Students, Staff, and ParentContact resources.

Follow the steps below to download data from the state ODS for data reconciliation:

  1. From the AzEDS Dashboard, click Run Now for the resource.
  2. Select Initiate Reconciliation from the Parameter Selection dropdown menu. This will start the download for the resource.
  3. Repeat these steps to download additional resources.

Note: If the School Entity ID does not exist in in the downloaded Organization Directory, the reconciliation tool will only download resources for tracks and calendarDateTrackEvents. No other resources will be downloaded. For reconciliation, tracks and calendarDateTrackEvents are filtered based on the locally defined School and LEA Entity ID.

Ed-Fi Reconciliation Statistics

Follow the steps below to view the number of records available for data reconciliation.

  1. On the Start Page, click System under Setup in the main menu. The System Administrator page appears.
  2. Under the State section, click Ed-Fi Administration. The Ed-Fi Administration page appears.
  3. Click Ed-Fi Diagnostic Viewer. The Ed-Fi Diagnostic Viewer page appears.
  4. Select Data Reconciliation Statistics from the Diagnostic View dropdown.
  5. The Results will appear.

Note: The Total field in the Results reflects the number of records downloaded for the resource. It does not reflect the number of discrepancies. Use the Reconciliation Data page to view the number of discrepancies.

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