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Arizona Health Reports

The Arizona Health reports included in PowerSchool are listed in the following table. This table includes the following elements:

  • Report Name – Name of the report as seen in PowerSchool.
  • Description – The purpose of the report.
  • Due Date / Cycle – The timeframe during which the report is submitted to the state.

Report Name


Due Date / Cycle

Early Childhood Immunization Report

This school-level report includes immunization compliance data for early childhood students and any exemptions on file. The report generates two separate outputs for the Immunization Data Report Total Sheet Form 108 and the Immunization Data Report Form 108B for each early childhood age group.

November 15th

Immunization Data Report (IDR)

This school-level report includes student immunization compliance totals and any immunization exemptions on file. There are three separate report outputs for kindergarten, sixth grade and tenth grade. Use the data from this report to enter immunization compliance numbers in the state online Immunization Data Report (IDR) form. School districts without access to the online form may send the hard copy to the state.

November 15th

Immunization Compliance

Reports immunization compliance and exemption information for selected students. 
Immunization Record Card (ASIR109R)This report generates the ASIR109R Immunization Record for the selected student(s). 
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