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Ed-Fi Reporting Page – Publish Data

This section of the guide includes the Ed-Fi entities that are published from PowerSchool to the state. The Ed-Fi Reporting page Publish Data section allows the user to view the status of the published entities; data views provide the ability to drill down to the details within each data set.

Users can verify the current state of publishing, including any dependencies or errors that may prevent data from being successfully published. To supplement the automatic transactional publishing that occurs as a result of data updates in PowerSchool, users can also upload data on an as-needed basis using the "Run Now" button. For additional information about the options and functionality available, refer to the Publish Data section of the Getting Started with Ed-Fi documentation.

Each row under the Publish Data header provides one or more data views corresponding to the Ed-Fi entities contained within that area. To access the published information for any area, first click on the Review or Errors button:

  • For areas containing a single Ed-Fi entity such as Student Demographic Data, choose Published from the Choose data view pop-up menu to access a list of records and the key data elements that have been published.
  • For areas with multiple entities such as Organization Periods and Locations, first choose the Published Views item from the Choose view category pop-up menu, and then select the desired data view from the Choose data view pop-up menu.

Note: Publishing is currently restricted to the current school year only. This restriction overrides the Selection Criteria referencing inclusion of records for 'the year for the term selected in the PowerSchool UI' as specified for each entity within the Publish Data section of this guide.

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