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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2022 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-286078AzEDS JTED Attendance Publishing Updated to Consider Enrollment Flag

AzEDS Student Attendance is updated to account for the JTED enrollment flag when publishing JTED attendance records, correcting an issue with JTED Attendance records publishing after the JTED enrollment ends.

PSSR-276620CTE Enrollment Report: Implement 21-22 Changes

CTE Enrollment Report: Version 1.5

The following new fields are added to the transfer info pages (Students, ReEnrollments, Concurrent Enrollments) to support 21-22 CTE Enrollment reporting requirements:

  • CTE Student Type
  • CTE School of Residence CTDS (Displays for School Type of CTED Central Campus)

The CTE Enrollment Report is updated to include the following changes:

  • The following new parameters are added to the report (options are displayed when the Snapshot reporting option is selected):
    • Snapshot Date
    • Snapshot Term
  • The following parameter is removed from the report: High School Schedule (no longer needed)
  • A new template is added to the report for use by CTED Central Campuses: CTED Central Campus Template

The following additional changes are implemented in the report templates (where applicable):

  • Fields no longer collected are removed
  • Student Type column is added
    • Note: Unless overridden at the student enrollment level, all students are reported as: 1 - CTE participating public school/charter school
  • School of Residence CTDS and File Type columns are added (CTED Central Campus Template)
PSSR-287665Student Course Enrollment / Final Grade Mapping Page Update

The Student Course Enrollment / Final Grade Mapping page on the edit school screen at District Office is updated to correct the following issues:

  • The Term drop-down now only displays the current school’s terms for the selected term year instead of all terms in the district.
  • When creating a new record the page is updated to save the correct SchoolID, instead of saving the record with a SchoolID of 0.
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