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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-257645All States/Provinces: Office Visit Clinic Log Update for Multi-Select Fields in PowerSchool 21.4

Office Visit Clinic Log Report: Version 1.1
As the fields listed were changed to multi-select in PowerSchool version 21.4, the Office Visit Clinic Log is updated to handle multiple saved values for the Outcome field.
The report works as expected for districts that upgrade to PowerSchool version 21.4 as well as previously supported versions of PowerSchool.

  • Assessment
  • Visit Reason
  • Visit outcome
  • Procedure
  • Treatment
PSSR-252196AzEDS Performance Optimization for the StudentSectionAssociations Resource

The AzEDS Student Sections selection criteria are optimized to improve the overall run time while staging data and publishing for large districts.

PSSR-260306AZEDs Student and JTED Enrollment Publishing Enhancement

AzEDS Student and JTED Enrollment publishing is updated to optimize oracle database queries. The queries are modified to directly reference the migrated custom field locations (database extensions) instead of referencing the old custom CLOB data (migrated custom fields).

PSSR-245603AzEDS Student Demographics Update - Address Publishing

The AzEDS 2020-21 profile is updated to republish a StudentEducationOrganizationAssociationAddress after deleting the published record if the state returns with a 409 error.
Also, the Data Change Framework (DCF) is updated to automatically send a delete request for Student Demographics and republish the same record if any address field (including the mailing address) is updated.

PSSR-260811CTE Reporting: Teacher's Educator Number (EIN) Data Collection

The Staff Information page is updated to add a new field, Teacher's Educator Id (EIN). This new field will be used in the soon-to-be updated CTE Enrollment Report.
This field will accept a 7 digit integer number.

PSSR-256931Ed-Fi Framework: Codeset Mapping Drop-down Fields Ordered Alphabetical

In Code Set Mapping and Code Set Mappings (other) pages, the Code Set Mapping drop-downs fields are now ordered alphabetically.

PSSR-258441Ed-Fi Framework: Hide Publish and Delete Buttons for View Only

For groups with View Only access and Pages with View Only permissions, the Publish and Delete buttons cannot be seen on the Ed-Fi Publishing pages.

PSSR-246589ESS Discipline Data Collection Updates

ESS Discipline Data Collection: Version 2.7

The ESS Discipline Data Collection report is updated to include only incidents with reportable Action Codes, that fall into the 'Removal' or 'Actions with Due Process' categories. Incidents with all other Action Types are not included in the output.

The report is also updated to report separate records for incidents having more than one state reportable action code associated with a behavior. Reworking the query to report separate incidents also resolved the following issue:

  • Incidents involving more than one offender or more than one reporter no longer report duplicated behaviors and actions in a single incident.
PSSR-259534ESS Discipline Data Collection Validation Report Update

ESS Discipline Data Collection Validation Report: Version 1.9

The ESS Discipline Data Validation report is updated to display incidents having no validation errors when the 'Hide students with no validation violations?' option is set to No on the report submission screen.

PSSR-221801SPED Exit Reason: Implement Refined Automation

The Student Transfer Out of School function is updated to automatically exit students from their SPED programs with an allowable SPED Exit Reason, corresponding to the school Withdrawal Code selected. Previous to this update, all students were automatically exited SPED with a SPED05 withdrawal reason.

When a SPED student is transferred out of school with a W** Exit Code, the system will automatically assign a SPED withdrawal reason to active SPED Programs according to the table below:

Withdrawal CodeSPED Code
W2 - W5SPED07
W9, W10SPED05
W11, W12SPED07
W14 - W20SPED02
W21, W22SPED05

When a SPED student's school exit code is modified on Transfer Info to a different W** code, the user is prompted to update SPED exit reasons for SPED programs with exit dates matching the school exit date, pre-populating the drop-down list according to the above logic.
Note: If the SPED record already has a valid Withdrawal Reason for the school exit code selected, that value will be displayed.

PSSR-258089State Fields Added to Core Student Contacts Pages

The Core Student Contacts pages are updated to display the following new fields and functionality:

  • Exclude From State Reporting checkbox
  • View/edit a contact's uniqueID
  • Get a new uniqueID for a Contact
PSSR-260112Student SDADMS72 Audit: Students With One Day of JTED Enrollment Update

Student SDADMS72 Audit: Version 4.0

The Student SDADMS72 Audit is updated to report JTED Enrollments where the student has a single day of enrollment in JTED.

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