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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2020 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-245643AzEDS Course/Sections Not Published

AzEDS Course and Sections publishing is updated to no longer display an ORA error in the diagnostic viewer when publishing courses and sections if students have non-dropped classes at a previous school (Summer School).

PSSR-245039AzEDS Publishing Update

The AzEDS 2020-21 profile is updated to remove all the hard-coded namespace for descriptors and use the downloaded namespaces.

Action Item: After installation of State Reporting Release, Districts are required to re-download Descriptors (State Codes) on the AzEDS 2020-21 dashboard from District Office to download Student Need descriptors.
PSSR-247962AzEDS Student Demographics JTED Update

AzEDS Student Demographics publishing is updated to include demographic records for CTED/JTED entity school enrollments for districts configured to do CTED/JTED direct reporting.

PSSR-224842AzEDS Student Enrollments: Track Exit Date Update

AzEDS Student Enrollments publishing is updated to calculate the correct exit date for students on tracks other than A. It will publish the exit date as the last in-session day for the specified track according to the school calendar instead of defaulting to the A track last in session day.

PSSR-219110AzEDS Terms (Session) Update

AzEDS Terms (Sessions) publishing is updated to account for user-specified term mappings in all scenarios. Previous to this change, Terms publishing failed to recognize unexpected or out of the ordinary term abbreviation/user mapping combinations.

PSSR-240142Student Needs Export Record Selection Update

Student Needs Export: Version 1.6

The Student Needs Export is updated to improve record selection and output.
On the report run page:

  • The School Year drop-down list is removed.
  • Two new parameters are added: Start Date and End Date.

The report will pull all records where the student's school enrollment and Need record dates fall within the provided date range. Previous to this change, the report would only pull Need records where the student's current school is the school at the top of the page.

PSSR-246585Immunization Data Report: Update for 20-21 Requirements

Immunization Data Report: Version 1.7

The Immunization Data Report is updated to have the following changes:

  • The Grade 10 reporting option is removed.
  • The Grade 6 and Grade K pdf outputs are updated to align with the 20-21 school year questions in the state's Immunization Data Report online submission form.
PSSR-248123Early Childhood Immunization Report: Update for 20-21 Requirements

Early Childhood Immunization Report: Version 1.5

The Early Childhood Immunization Report is updated to align with the questions on the state's Immunization Data Report online form for the 2020-21 school year. Since students from birth through 18 months are no longer reported, the Group 2 pdf is removed from the zip file output. The zip file generated when the report is run now consists of two pdf files, the Group one file, and the new layout matching each question on the state's online IDR entry form.

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