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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-274229All States/Provinces: Attendance Page Error Logging Update

The meeting, clock-in/clock-out attendance page has been updated and will no longer throw the following error in the system log:

ORA-00936: Missing Expression

PSSR-270907All States/Provinces: Attendance Profile Report - Perfect Attendance Update

Attendance Profile Report Version: 1.2
The Attendance Profile report now includes students that have blank attendance. Additionally, these students will display the following message to alert end-users as to why there is no attendance listed.

No attendance records have been entered for this student

PSSR-272625All States/Provinces: Security Updates to Certain HTML tags

It has been identified that certain HTML tags used in common compliance pages are a security vulnerability. Common compliance pages where these tags were used and all have been updated to address the security vulnerability.

PSSR-265200AZ - Immunization Record Card (ASIR109R)

Immunization Record Card (ASIR109R): Version 1.2

The Immunization Record Card (ASIR109R) is updated to display the 6th dose of DTaP/DTP when a student has 6 doses of the vaccine instead of reporting the most recent 5 doses.

PSSR-273675AzEDS JTED Enrollments Publishing Update

AzEDS Publishing is updated to publish JTED Enrollments for students without error when the 'Report JTED Enrollments and Attendance Through AzEDS (Ed-Fi)' box is checked on the District Info screen.

Previous to this fix, the option worked correctly for most districts but not for a few others.

PSSR-269878AzEDS Student Attendance Update: Attendance Descriptors

AzEDS Student Attendance publishing is updated to publish the correct attendance descriptors when the 'Meeting - Period to Day' SAIS Attendance Mode is used (School Attendance Preferences page).

PSSR-274745CRDC Data Collection: Section504 and IDEA Update

The Student CRDC screen IDEA and Section504 fields are migrated to the AZ student CRDC extension table (S_STU_CRDC_X), so as to align with Common CRDC reporting and data standards.

PSSR-264913CTE Enrollment Report: Section Enrollment Inclusion Logic Update

CTE Enrollment Report: Version 1.4

The CTE Enrollment Report is updated to report students section enrollments in the school they enrolled in on count date instead of the student's current school.

PSSR-256437Enhancement Request: Implement Legal Gender in State Reporting

Immunization Record Card (ASIR109R): Version 1.2
Student Information: Version 2.4
Pupil Withdrawal Data Report: Version 1.4

A new Legal Gender field is added to the State and General Demographics screens for students.
All state reports reporting Gender, including AzEDS Publishing are updated to pull from the new Legal Gender field if populated. If Legal Gender is blank, Gender will be reported.
Legal Gender should be populated for any student whose Legal Gender differs from their Preferred Gender.

PSSR-242772ESS Discipline Data Collection Validation: Additional Validation Error Added

ESS Discipline Collection Validation: Version 1.11

The ESS Discipline Collection Validation report is updated to display a validation message when a student's State Student Number is blank.

PSSR-269486ESS Discipline Data Collection: Deprecate Violation Option

ESS Discipline Collection Validation: Version 1.11

The following Updates are implemented to the AZ Safe Validation report to align with 2021-2022 requirements:

  • The 'Other' Dangerous Items behavior code is no longer a valid code and is flagged as no longer collected on the Incident Management Behaviors screen.
  • The ESS Discipline Collection Validation report is updated to display a validation message when an incident has an 'Other' Dangerous Items behavior code.
PSSR-253374Student Enrollments: Update How Grade Level UE is Collected and Reported

AZ ADA/ADM by Student: Version 2.6
Student Attendance Detail: Version 3.1
Student SDADMS72 Audit: Version 4.2
Charter Estimated Counts: Version 1.7
Student Check-in / Check-out Log: Version 1.6
Pupil Withdrawal Data Report: Version 1.4
CRDC Report (2017-2018): Version 1.3.3
Early Childhood Immunization Report: Version 1.6

For Arizona school enrollments, an enhancement is made to how state grade-level UE (Ungraded Elementary) is collected and reported. Previous to this change, districts were required to use PowerSchool grade level PK3 (-2) for their UE students. Going forward, UE will be collected as an additional grade level qualifier (an additional field).

The following pages and reporting updates are available to support the UE grade level change:

  • On all screens where Grade Level is entered, when grade level KG (0) is selected, an additional field is displayed for the user to designate the student is ‘Ungraded Elementary’.
    • Field Name = UngradedElementary
    • Districts can now use PowerSchool grade levels PK4, PK3, PK2, and PK1 (-1 through -4) for their Preschool-aged students.
  • State screens displaying a student’s state grade level will display as UE when the Ungraded Elementary box is checked for KG grade students and will display as PS for all grade levels below KG (PK4, PK3, PK2, PK1)
  • AzEDS Publishing for all applicable profiles is updated to report a student as UE and PS according to the above changes.
  • All PowerSchool state reports reporting student grade level are updated to also report grade level according to the above data collection changes.
  • Note: This release contains a script that will update all student enrollments having grade level = PK3 (-2) to have grade-level KG (0) with the Ungraded Elementary box checked.
PSSR-265299Student SDADMS72 Audit: Blank Issue Resolved

Student SDADMS72 Audit: Version 4.2

The Student SDADMS72 Audit is updated to generate records as expected instead of generating blank output.

PSSR-273811Transfer Out of School - Map W41 and W51 to the SPED07 Exit Reason

The Transfer Out of School and Transfer Info screens are updated to automatically exit SPED student Needs with exit code SPED07 when a student has exited the school with W41 and W51 exit codes.

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