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Career and Technical Education (CTE) Common Issues - AzEDS Publishing

This article discusses some recent CTE setup or publishing issues reported by districts for 2019-20 and beyond, and how to resolve them. If the Common Resolution below does not resolve the stated issue, please contact PowerSchool Support so the issue can be further investigated.

Issue: I set up some new CTE Courses, but they are not publishing when I do a Publish All (or Missing).

Common Resolution: There could be a number of reasons a course does not publish, but the most common reason for new courses not publishing is the course's Alternate Course Number field (Courses Setup Page) does not match a state course code.

  • For example, only the number, instead of the full course code of AZ01012 is entered.
  • Be sure to download State Courses for the AzEDS 2019-20 profile from District Office
  • Verify the Alternate Course Number you are entering exists in the downloaded State Courses list.

Issue: None of my Articulated Courses are showing in the Articulated list in CTE.

Common Resolution: The District has not populated the correct value in the 'Site Location School ID (entityID)' for their Articulated Sections

  • Populate the 'Site Location School ID (entityID)', not the 'School Where Taught' or 'District Where Taught' fields.
  • Enter the School EntityID into the above field, not the District (LEA) EntityID.

Issue: Some of my courses are showing in both the Articulated and Non-Articulated course list in CTE.

Common Resolution: Sections are being duplicated in AzEDS when re-published. This could happen if a section is published without having the 'Site Location School ID (entityID)' populated, then re-published after populating this field.

  • This can be resolved by running the 'Initiate Reconciliation' option on the AzEDS 2019-20 dashboard for Courses and Sections and submitting deletes for the duplicated records.
    • If Reconciliation returns both Course Offering and Section records, send deletes for Section records first. After Sections are deleted, then send deletes for Course Offerings.
  • For more information about reconciliation, see the following article: Ed-Fi Reconciliation

Note: The push from the state's AzEDS database to CTE is not instantaneous. It could take 24-48 hours for changes in AzEDS to be replicated to CTE.

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