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State Reporting Release Notes

A release announcement will be posted on PowerSchool Community when the installer is available for download. Refer to 2021 State Reporting Releases for release dates.



Release Note

PSSR-268590AzEDS 21-22 Changes: Calendar Dates Event Type - Veterans' Day

When publishing Calendar Dates for the AzEDS 2021-22 profile, the AzEDS: Veteran's Day calendar event is published as 'Veterans' Day' instead of 'Veteran's Day'.

Districts that have already published Calendars for 20-21 need to republish calendars for all of their schools (Publish All).


AzEDS 21-22 Changes: Implement Learning Modality Data Collection: Bell Schedule ItemsThe Bell Schedule Items page is updated to display all Special Programs that have the Distance Learning flag checked, along with a drop-down field to specify students in the program are either 'In-Person' or 'Remote' for the specified period.
PSSR-261986AzEDS 21-22 Changes: Implement CCLC Program Attendance Changes

When publishing CCLC Program Attendance for the 21-22 profile, the attendance records now include two new fields: AttendanceBeginTime and AttendanceEndTime.

  • For every CCLC class a student is marked present for:
    • AttendanceBeginTime: Defaults to the CCLC class period start time unless the student is 'clocked-in' later than the period start time.
    • AttendanceEndTime: Defaults to the CCLC class period end time unless the student is 'clocked-out' before the period end time (using meeting period clock in and out functionality).
PSSR-267592AzEDS Student Demographics Update - Deletion Issue Resolved

AzEDS publishing is updated so that demographic records from a student's home school are no longer deleted if there are summer school CCLC enrollments for the student in the school year.

PSSR-268191AzEDS: Student/Staff/Contact Identity: 500 Error Updates

AzEDS Identity processing is updated to account for a change in how ADE processes Students, Parents, and Staff records. The state used to return a 403 error when a Student, Parent, or Staff record already exists in their database but is not yet 'claimed' by a school through a School Enrollment (StudentSchoolAssociation). They are now returning a generic 500 error.

  • This change will treat 500 errors as Dependencies, the same way as 403 errors are handled.
  • This change is applied to 3 resources "STUDENTS", "PARENTS",'' STAFF".

It will be necessary to run "Retry Errors" or "Publish Errors" for Identification, Student Contacts, and Staff Demographics and will need to republish "Student Enrollments" for the schools that they have student enrollments in a Dependency State.

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