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Activate SAIS

At the beginning of the school year, use this option to create a file of students to upload to SAIS for the current year. Only initial school enrollments for the current school year (with a Transaction ID of 01 and a Transaction Type of Add) are included in the file upon activation, excluding re-enrollments.

This function also turns on the transaction engine, which forces PowerSchool to automatically gather all appropriate attendance transactions, including any necessary retroactive transactions, and alerts PowerSchool to begin tracking transactions that need to be reported to SAIS, including changes to school enrollments, demographics, SAIS Needs, etc.

Note: Use this option to upload the initial enrollment file to SAIS by the tenth day of school.

Activate SAIS by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Interfaces to Other Systems > SAIS > Initial Enrollment / Activate SAIS. The Initial Enrollment / Activate SAIS page appears.
  2. Read the validations listed in steps 1 – 4 on the Activate SAIS page.
  3. Select the checkbox in step 5 to confirm that you read the validations and made any necessary updates.
  4. Click Activate SAIS.
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