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Summer School

This section provides recommendations and instructions regarding setting up a Summer School for Arizona districts. Summer School Setup may be done at any time during the school year, but it is recommended to complete the SAIS End of Year process before transferring students to summer school (see Process Overview below).

Reporting Requirements

Summer School enrollment information is not reported to SAIS, but Summer School section enrollment and grade information will be required for Student-Teacher-Course Connection reporting after the 13-14 school year. If Summer School enrollments and grades are not collected in PowerSchool, this information will need to be manually appended to Student-Teacher-Course Connection files.

Note: A Summer School should be excluded from State Reporting so that summer enrollments are not reported to SAIS.

Process Overview

  1. Set up Summer Schools in PowerSchool.
  2. Create Teacher Records and Sections in the Summer Schools.
  3. Perform the SAIS End-of-Year Process.
  4. At the end of the regular year term, transfer students to summer school 
  5. Enroll students in summer courses.
  6. At the end of the summer term, run the Permanently Store Grades process at the Summer Schools.
  7. Run the PowerSchool End of Year Process (District Wide) to transfer all students to their next year school.

Summer School Setup

Since there are no specific SAIS reporting requirements for Summer School enrollments, Summer School may be set up according to the recommendations in the Summer School Setup Guide. See the Summer School Setup portion of the Summer School Setup Guide by clicking the link below:

Summer School Setup Guide for PowerSchool 7.x

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