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View Upload Files

To view current and previous SAIS upload files, navigate to Start Page > Special Functions > Interfaces to other systems > SAIS > View SAIS Upload Files. Each file name is a link to the XML output. Use the following table to navigate the View SAIS Upload Files page.

Data Element

Additional Information


The name of the SAIS upload file. The first string of numbers represents the District Number and the School Number. The second string represents the year, month and date. The third string represents the sequence number.

School Name and Year

The name of the school and the current year, according to the Years & Terms (Start Page > School Setup > Years & Terms). SAIS upload files must be built for each school separately.

File Size

The size of the SAIS upload file, which is limited to 3MB.

Date Created

The date that the SAIS upload file was built.

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