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Multiple Schools Reported Under a Single State ID (CTDS)

PowerSchool provides the ability to report SAIS transactions for multiple schools under the same state ID (CTDS). The SAIS transactions are reported via one CTDS, but are actually recorded at more than one school. One of the schools is considered the Main SAIS Reporting School and the other school(s) is considered Alternate (auxiliary).

If you have two or more schools in PowerSchool you wish to report as a single school to SAIS, you must first decide which school you wish to be the Main SAIS Reporting School. This is the school you will use to generate SAIS Upload Files and perform other SAIS Functions. The Alternate school's transactions will be funneled through this Main school.

Main SAIS Reporting School

Set up the Main SAIS Reporting School to have the correct three-digit school number (last 3 digits of the 9 digit CTDS) in the School Number field on the Edit School page (Start Page > District Setup > Schools/School Info > Edit School).

Alternate (auxiliary) Schools

When setting up an Alternate School, the Alternate can be assigned any three-digit school number as desired. Enter the Main School's school number in the Alternate School Number field on the auxiliary school's Edit School page.

When transactions are generated for students at the Alternate School, those transactions will be given the schoolid of the Main School, and will be included in the Upload File when building a SAIS Upload File from the Main School.

For example… You have two schools in PowerSchool that you wish to report as a single school to the state: Apple Grove Upper and Apple Grove Lower. Both schools are considered one school according to the state and have a CTDS Number of 123450200. You decide that you want Apple Grove Upper to be the Main SAIS Reporting School and Apple Grove Lower to be the Alternate. All transactions from Apple Grove Lower will be funneled through Apple Grove Upper. Apple Grove Upper is where you will run your SAIS Builds.

In this example, Apple Grove Upper will have a School Number of 200 (the last 3 digits of the CTDS), and an Alternate School Number of 0. Apple Grove Lower will have a school number of 222 (for example), and an Alternate School Number of 200 (the main school's school number).

Note: Transactions for Alternate School students are generated from the Alternate School, but are reported from the Main school. Student data changes or SAIS Functions used to generate transactions (like Resend Enrollments) will be performed at the Alternate School, but will be reported from the Main School's SAIS Build File.

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